Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Week #99-Risk!!!!

So I don´t know if you have ever heard of the game Risk. Elder Russell has it and it turns out that I'm pretty freaking good! Elder Tagg and I are still in the middle of a game. We played for three hours and we are still at a stand still. We took a picture so we can continue next  Sunday. The key is to get Alaska and then you will never lose. Those dudes got bears and stuff to defend. 
    Well we had an awesome week! Jo and his family are going to get baptized this weekend and we are going to get them married! We are also getting the car again this week to prepare for the conference this week! We have to have an attendance of 100 or President is going to kill me! 
    Ju is going to get baptized my last Saturday in the mission and Se and her son Gi are preparing for the 29th! We are also trying really hard with this family from Tahuexco that has gone to church many times but they need to get married and everything. We will probably put a fecha with them tomorrow or Wednesday! But yeah we are doing good! I hope to baptize like 10 people before I go home! That would be awesome! Elio is getting the Priesthood this week which is awesome and he will officially be my second councilor! And he will be able to bless his family and awesome stuff like that! He´s doing great right now! I interviewed the pregnant 16 year old yesterday! I feel so bad for her! She is having it so rough at school!!! The branch is doing better, though. The attendance average has increased a lot! I am actually really excited! We are ordaining people to the Priesthood left and right! 
      But yeah everything is going good! I can´t believe James and Colin are home! They are awesome! Tell them I say hi!
My camera can´t connect to this computer! It is so lame! Next week though I will send you all the pics!
Love you!!!!!!

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