Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week #98-"Tomorrow I'm Gonna Leave Here"

´´But tonight I'm gonna give in one last time Rock you strong in these arms of mine! Forget all the regrets that re bound to follow´´
       Ha ha Elder Hastings, Elder Heath and I were singing that song today. I won´t see Elder Hastings for a while because today is his last day! So sad! I love that kid! And Elder Heath has transfers so that´s really sad too! But yeah we´re singing baggy songs haha! 
      Well we had just a grand week altogether! Ch and Ga got baptized! It was so great! They showed up like and hour late but that´s okay! Elder Heath and I were tempted to have a hot tub party in the baptismal font after (even though the water is really cold) but we decided it would probably be a little irreverant. I don´t know if we would go to heck but I didn´t want to find out haha! 
     Also Jo and his wife are going to get married and baptized! What a blessing! They are the investigators whose house burned down. But we got permission to help them buy a bed and stuff so they can stop sleeping on the floor and they were really happy. But they are good people and I´m really happy that they´re doing it! I hope they feel really good in the Church. They´ll receive a ton of blessings. We are also trying to get their son to accept as well which should be a little challenge but I know he´ll do it! So that´s good! 
    We had the highest attendance of all my time in La Maquina yesterday! 66! Like the route. Like the song that I think Rascal Flatts sings maybe!
    I´m going to miss Elder Hastings but it will only be for a short moment! He´s studying at BYU! So we´ll romp when we get back. I can´t believe this is my last transfer! Pray for me that I will baptize 1 million people my last month! I want to go out with a bang like Hiroshima.
     Have a fun fourth of july! Tell the family I´ll bring them some cheap crappy tequila from Guatemala. Just kidding. Love you!!!! I will write you next week! Thanks for everything! I´ll take those parasite pills diligently!
    Love you!!!


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