Monday, July 31, 2017

Week #102-Best Theory of All Time!!!!

So I was thinking yesterday and I thought of the greatest theory of all time! It´s hard to explain how the heck I feel with the whole leaving the mission thing. So I thought of a good way to explain it: So it´s like there is this girl and everyone tells you that she´s really good looking! So they set you up on a blind date with her but the thing is that you have to sign a legal contract that says that you have to date her for two years. You don´t really like her at first because you have diarrhea the whole time and you are kind of happy that you know that you can be single again after the contract is up. then a few months into it you realize that she is pretty cool and that you like dating her. Then you get towards the end of the contract and you try to do everything you can so that she wants to extend the contract, so you buy her nice things for valentines day hoping that she will keep you around longer. Then the contact ends and she doesn´t even want you and leaves you to the wolves and you feel like crap. But at the same time you´re happy to be on the market again, it's like exciting.
     That´s what I told Elder Tagg yesterday and he agreed. I think it´s a pretty solid metaphor. 
     Anyways yeah we had a lot of fun! I realized that my brain can´t understand going home so I just don´t think about it too much and I just feel like I´m going to stay here for the rest of my life and that life will just continue on how it is.
     Well we are going to have an awesome time this week preaching repentance and baptizing converts!!!!! Weez gonna baptize 6 people this weekend to end well!!!!! Heck yeah!!!! ´´O´Doyle RULES!!!!!!!´´
     Anyways I love this place, I am dying knowing that I have to leave! I did like 500 interviews yesterday to say goodbye to the members pretty much, and to make sure that they continue on with their goals and everything! I love La Maquina! I love Guatemala and I love the Guatemalan people so much! They are pretty weird, with their weird hand signs and slang and stuff but they are just great Christ-like people! It sucks leaving them but I am really happy! I can´t wait to see King Lear (that´s what I decided I´m going to call Kingston. It´s a play that I read in high school. It was really good) and Titan and I can´t wait to see my sisters and everyone!!! And, I can't wait to see you, mom!!! I always talk to everyone about you! I walk around with a picture of you in my wallet to show everyone and they always say ´´Ay! Ella sí es joven!´´ But it will be good to see you in person! 
     Anyways that´s all I got to say! And we cast out a skin walker out of a house and a person thought that I was a skin walker because of my trompo (top) skills haha! so that was cool. So I told Kelsey that I don´t know if I will be able to write next Monday haha! But I should have time. I just know that I might have a dinner with President and Hermana Goodman and it would have to be monday, but I will probably write you! Anyways love you!!!!! I will see you in like a week!!!!! Have a fun last week without me haha! You better enjoy it! 
     Love you! 
 cute Guatemalan baby

They used his name tag to cut the cake. They celebrated all August birthdays.

Drive to Xela

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