Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Week #101-"Look at all those chickens!"

"Look at all those chickens!" ha ha you got to look that quote up (you tube video). So funny. Elder Russell said that yesterday and I laughed so hard!!!!  
     Well things are going well! We´re working hard so that I can baptize 70000 people before I go home! We found this awesome 12 year old girl and her mom is a less active and we found them so easy and we are going to baptize her my last week! Along with Astrid and the family from Tahuexco! 
     So we went to Tahuexco like 70000 times this week which is really hard without a car. It is like in the middle of nowhere and there is no transport! Every time we go I feel like Napolean´s army when they went to invade Russia. We go out having no idea if we will get back haha! But somehow we always do! But yeah. The hardest thing for them is they have to go to church under a little palm leaf shack unless we have a conference. Well the group leader in Tahuexco is kind of a chambon and doesn´t do crap sometimes! He just decides sometimes to not have sacrament meeting there. I macheted the crap out of him yesterday. But it´s hard because they can´t attend church if there is no meeting to attend! But they´ll get baptized and it´ll all be good!!!! 
     Well I´m poppin those pills and snorting that weird powder that you sent me (ha, he's not really snorting the powder, it's a drink mix) so my stomach should be good by the time I go home! The powder smells like apple cider! They help, but I ate something really bad today and I feel like shiz! People keep giving us some horse shiz to eat and I feel bad rejecting it haha! 
    We´re having fun though! We had to cast a  demon out of a little girl last Tuesday! 
    Love you guys! Also what's  up with the Priesthood line of authority the church sent for me?! Why does it stop at that one guy?! Or did Uncle Chuck get the authority straight from Peter James and John? Haha!
     I love Star Valley! I want to go to that temple! It looks so chiquitito though!!!!! 
     So,Yeah President called me last Monday and told me not to feel bad about the car problem because it was a blessing in disguise, maybe haha! But they have to take apart the whole thing and it costs Q15000 but that is why there is insurance! Anyways I have to go! I´ll talk to you next week!!! Love you!!!!!
Yummy fish dinner

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