Monday, July 17, 2017

Week #100!!! - Vigilia

Wow I don´t even know how to describe this week. It was so crazy!!! And awesome! it was maybe the greatest week of all man kind!!! I don´t know if I can explain everything but I´ll try! 
     So number one. I went on exchanges with Elder Zavala! The power had gone out all day the day before because some random hurricane came through the Maquina. But the power went out everywhere except for one Evangelical church who were doing this thing called Vigilia. That is when they stay up all night. But this evangelical church is really special because they have giant a speakers that they hoist up on a pole so that everyone can hear them. And they were singing their songs all night and the whole Maquina could here them! It was awful I couldn´t sleep. 
    Second I was driving to pick a member up to go visit, well there was this unmarked ditch on a downhill slant that I did not see. Well I drove half of the car into it and I have no idea what happened but I´m pretty sure some angels grabbed the car and pushed it out because i put that thing in reverse and got right out of the ditch and everyone was astonished. Then we went and visited and a rabbit peed on me it was bad.
     Third this dog went right out in front of me when I was driving and i sliced that poor thing in half. It was really sad I saw it in the rear view mirror. It suffered. 
      Well the next day came and somehow I got to do exchanges with Elder Tagg!!!! I won´t explain how but it was awesome! Tagg and I went out to Tahuexco to invite a bunch of people to church and put a baptismal date with a family that we have been teaching! Well on the way back we had to drive through the flooded road and the car got destroyed!!!! i think I got water in the engine. Well we were stuck in like the middle of nowhere. We prayed and everything and some mechanics came to help us haha! Well they did not fix it so we had to get a ride to my converts house who lived a mile up the road. they helped us tow the car to their little town. Then it was 8 o´clock at night and we were still like 13 miles from our house and we had to get a ride. But the guy said that his mom was baptized and that he wanted to serve a mission! Well we got home in like 20 minutes and Tagg ended sleeping over. It was awesome! 
     Then we had to baptize the family in the river the next morning which we did! And we got so burned from the sun haha! 
     The next day was the conference. The whole mission Presidency came! And the temple President from the Quetzaltenango temple, President Galvez! i directed the meeting, sung in the choir and gave a talk! And the entire time I was in a suit and it was 100000 degrees! But we had 120 people attend and it was insane! My convert A from Tahuexco came and it turns out that the son of the family that we baptized is actually A son! A is my first convert in La Maquina and attends in the group in Tahuexco. He had no idea that his son was even going to church let alone that he got baptized! What a miracle! 
      Anyways in the end we had 17 investigators attend the conference and we have 5 people that are going to get baptized soon! Before I leave! And President Goodman hasn´t even gotten mad at me for the car. it was an accident.} And, I gave Elio the Melchizedek Priesthood! It was so cool! It was an awesome week! They are looking at the car right now, only the mission mechanics can look at it!
      Anyways that is the highest attendance that La Maquina has had in like 2 years! So cool! 
Awesome week! Love you!
Bryson and Elder Russell at conference

Zone Conference

The happy family got married!

Heading in the river

The soon to be eternal family


Elder Russell baptizing
The bunny that peed on him

After the bunny peed on him
Drinking water out of the bag on the beach

The new lays bags

Churirin Beach

beach huts



Family in Chicago

Brys and Elder Zavala
Brys and Tagg playing with "trompos"

La Maquina early in the morning


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