Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Week #97-Candy Crush Saga

What an underrated game. I was so good at it! I let some kids get it linked up to my Facebook to see how far I got! I was in the 300s!!!! Insane! 
    Well we probably had what was the best week ever since Nixon was in office!! We married Ye in the half legal way which was fun because I read the whole paper thing and I said! ´´By the power vested in me.....´´ it was really intense! We took pictures. We told them that they could have a big wedding when they go to the temple and that now they just needed to stop sinnin haha! It was so good! 
       So he got baptized, Ma got baptized which was quite good! And En got baptized! So it was what they call a Hat Trick (or a turkey I don´t remember). Yeah!!! I had to give Ma my clothes!!! The zone leaders gave us clothes for like a 8 year old and when he tried it on it did not fit at all haha! So instead of baptizing I just gave him my clothes haha!  But it was good fun! 
     Ch and Ga were going to get baptized with them (which would have made it a Golden Walrus) but their dad wanted their family from the capital to come down and see the bautizo! So they´re going to get baptized this week! 
    I have been fasting for the last 21 months for two things!!! Go on exchanges with Elder Hastings and go on exchanges with Elder Tagg, well wouldn´t you know that I got to do both!! I couldn´t believe it! I won´t even try to explain how we ended up doing it! But it was totally authorized and good clean fun!
   Well it was a good week! We had the highest attendance that I´ve had in La Maquina yesterday! 64!!! So cool! A week to remember (like A Walk to Remember but way less sad). Anyways who won the finals? I feel like I should know that and I don´t! Love you!!!!!
The happy family

"I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry"

Bryson, Tagg and Russell

Celebrating with apple cider

The ring ceremony


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