Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Week #96-I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22 (months)

THEY ARE LITERALLY PLAYING 22 IN THE INTERNET RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! What a Christmas miracle! (It's a Taylor Swift song for those of you who don't know!) I can´t believe that I hit 22 months. I am so old. I even look old in the mirror. I get a 1 o´clock shadow now and i think I am getting wrinkles. Soon I´m going to have ´´those old man boobs that droop at the ends´´ (name the show). But yeah it was a crazy week! Awesome! We have 3 sure baptisms this week! We are going to baptize Os, En and Ma! We have to get Os married to his wife on Friday. It looks like they are just going to sign a paper and that´s it. I´ll tell you about it! Pray for those people though! They can´t fall!!!   And then Saturday the mega bautismo! But yeah Ma literally disappeared  and we thought that the devil had taken him but no, he is alright! We talked to him yesterday after church (it was a miracle that he went to church) and he said that he is going to do it! 
    The earthquake was so scary! I thought that it was a storm and that the wind was going to rip the roof off because our house is on stilts and it´s made out of wood! So I woke up and turned the lights on and then it finished and then Heath said ´´That was a big earthquake´´ and i realized that it was an earthquake. Just some coke bottles broke. It reminded me of Freaky Friday when the old man runs around shouting ´´EARTHQUAKE! EARTHQUAKE! EARTHQUAAAAAAAKKEEEE!´´ All the members called to see if we had died. We didn´t. 
      But yeah it was awesome! What  good week! We had interviews with President and he was going to change me out of La Maquina but then I told him that if the Lord wanted, I would be okay staying in La Maquina for one more transfer. So he said that he would think about it which pretty much means yes. So I´m going to finish in La Maquina! Tell all my friends that are coming home from their missions that I say hi!
     Anyways that´s that! Love you! 
Crab soup

Heath holding a crab

Bryson holding a crab
Heath fell asleep outside, haha!

Jack the Dog. He loves Bryson

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