Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week #94-Ridin' Dirty

Hey mom! Sorry I`m so late! We had a way busy day and a busy week and it was awesome and fun! Today honestly was crazy awesome! 
    So best news is that M finally accepted a baptismal date! And by finally I mean it was like the 4th time we had taught him and he accepted. I was on exchanges with Elder Zavala and we totally put the fecha (date) for this week on Friday (because we are going to the temple Saturday also we are some of the only missionaries that are allowed to go to the temple in all of central America). But worst luck of all time! He somehow did not come to church yesterday! He came to play soccer Saturday night and he was totally good for coming and he didn`t! And we haven`t been able to contact him! Really stressful but I think he`ll get baptized next Saturday the 17th! He is 18 years old so we`ll keep building the Elder`s Quorum here! So aweseome! 
    So Heath and I have been struggling because the area of La Maquina is literally like the second biggest area in the whole mission and it covers about 1/10 of it I would say! And we have investigators everywhere but we haven`t been able to have enough time to visit all of them because we have to wait for transport or we just walk. Well President finally gave into our pleas and gave us a car for the week to go to town!!! I honestly have never heard of a companionship that has a car in a regular proselyting area!! We got it today and I was so scared driving for the first time in like 22 months! People here are nuts and Guatemalans put speed bumps whereever the shiz they want! And the motorcycles are insane! But it`s fun! I just need to try not to kill any dogs or kids! We named our car Dory.
    We moved into our new house last week and I love it! It is the best house ever! I`ll send pics. 
    Also today for P Day we went to this lake called Atitlan which is said to be the famous Waters of Mormon! It was fun I took a ton of pictures! 
    Anyways love you write me back! Also pray for M so that he can freaking get baptized next week! 

Bryson and Elder Tagg at Lake Atitlan-Otherwise known as the Waters of Mormon

With Elder Hastings


Guatemalan hauling wood

Guy on a canoe in the "Waters of Mormon"

Worthy of National Georgraphic

On the bus to Lake Atitlan

Proof they were at Lake Atitlan

Selfie with Hastings (I don't know who the other missionary is)
Bryson and Heath in their new ride for a week

Dory the Car-in all her glory
Card a member gave him

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