Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week #93-"I'm gunna find it, break it and ride it to the pegasus treasure"

Ha ha just type it in on google and watch the video. Elder Heath and I were talking about which Key and Peele video was the best and  I think that one is. 
    Well we had a fun week! There is this lady that we found in the middle of nowhere that was an active  member about 5 months ago but who was inactive until last week! Anyways she invited us over to her house to do a huge noche de hogar with like a thousand of her neighbors! And her neighbors weren´t members! It was way fun but she gave us the Guatemalan version of hot chocolate (disgusting) and I am pretty sure that there was an animal in it that laid demon eggs in my stomache! I literally have probably gone to the bathroom more than a hundred times this week! I don´t know what I have yet! But it is pretty awesome whatever it is. But the family home evening thing was awesome we got a bunch of new investigators. The hard thing is getting them to church though! They live really far away and are really poor! 
    We had to drop A and her family which was sad! they are good people the mom just wasn´t very good and keeping her commitments and stuff. 
    We are working with M now who is really cool! He is the boyfriend of the 16 year old pregnant girl! It´s not his baby though! He really likes the church. He is 18 and he is really interested in learning! He almost cried when we showed him the Joseph Smith Movie! He liked it! Anyways it was pretty awesome.
    Yesterday was pretty stressful. The Gospel Doctrine teacher didn´t show up which is pretty normal so I gave the class. We actually don´t study the Gospel Doctrine manual. We learn out of the Gospel Principles book because most of the people can´t even understand the basics haha! But I taught about baptism which was really easy because I always do that. Well a certain sister of the ward decided to use the class to start criticizing the parents of the 16 year old pregnant girl! And her boyfriend investigator was there as well! So she is awesome! I love that kind of stuff. That is sarcastic, I hate that kind of stuff. Literally right after I gave a talk about how they need to be more united and stop hating on each other! They literally don´t even listen! Oh well!   
     We are moving today I hate moving but I do hate our house. did you see the rat? The main reason is because there are like a zillion rats in our house! We have killed 5 so far.
But I have to go! Love you! See you later!!!!!
Brys said "no idea what I'm doing here, looks like I'm trying to force choke something"

One of the 5 rats they've killed

Zone at lunch

Elder Heath, haha, didn't know his pic was being taken

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