Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week #92-Goals.......................

Hey mom! So awesome week! We had some fun and got some work done. I went to a 15 años which was pretty cool because it was the first. I talked to like a million people and sweet talked all the old women. If there is anything that´s true in life, it´s that old women love to be sweet talked. But the crappy part is that after the birthday party (which was held in the church) we had to clean the entire church! It was awful! I literally have never swept so fast in my entire life! But it was clean for church the next day.
     Well things are going good! I went on exchanges with Elder Fairbanks this week which is fun because he has been on crutches ever since he broke his toe about a month ago, so it made travel really fun. But yeah it was fun! Elder Fairbanks is going to have transfers so I probably won´t see him until we´re in the Celestial Kingdom. But my old companion Elder Zavala is going to take his place so that´s cool! Also best news ever! Elder Tagg is coming to Mazate. I literally fasted and prayed for 40 decades so that Elder Tagg could come and die with me in Mazate! Prayers are answered.
       We have been hunting down the 500 less active members of our branch in search of some baptisms! We have been using Elio to track down some people too because he lives in a pretty far away place! He found us a pretty cool family that has 4 teenagers that could get baptized! We have also found that a lot of people have died and their records are still in the system. And a whole lot of apostate members so it is kind of sad but there will be fruits! 
    We are still working with A and her family. They couldn´t come to church  this week because there is literally no water in all of the center of La Maquina and the government went around of course on Sunday morning to give out water So that sucks.
    Sorry to hear about Pitt! Hopefully he can use echo location to get around now. He is pretty much a rat which is like a cousin of the bat so I think it´s possible! (Pit is our Chihuahua that went blind) Also I just barely figured out who the Chainsmokers are! I can´t believe you went to their concert! You are cooler than I am. 
     Sorry I have to leave and deposite the tithing right now! Love you!!!!! I will take more pictures this week!!! With Tagg maybe!! Have an awesome week! Tell me if the new Pirates of the Carribean is good! 
    Love you!  

15 anos party

baby taking a bath in a bucket

Bryson and Elder Heath

Bryson and Hermano Rony

Cute little pigs they found

House they might move in to

the biggest bug ever

A girl in his area drew pictures of him, this one he's riding a wolf

Chicago, across the river. They can't go there because they can't go on the river

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