Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Week #91-The Confrontation

´´Valjean, at last, We see each other plain 'm'sieur le mayor, 'You'll wear a different chaaaaaaiinn´´
       I don´t think anyone will get that. Maybe some people. The really cultured people haha! 
    Well you know how we have been  trying to get A to stop fornicating so that she can get baptized but she is deeply in love with a married man. It´s like the book The Awakening that we had to read senior year kind of (worst book in the world by the way).  Anyways we went to her house to teach her! And her boyfriend who has the wife was there! Elder Heath wanted to rip his head off when he saw him and I wanted to use his bones as a toothpick but we refrained and put away our anger. And we started teaching him and A! It was kind of weird. But finally Heath went right to the point and said ´´How do you think your wife feels knowing that you are messing around with another woman when she has always been so true to you´´  It was literally like Heath did a windmill dunk over him and the whole crowd went ´´oooooooooohhhhhhhhh´´.  He was silent! It was so awesome and the Spirit was so strong! He felt really bad and said that he is going to start repenting. So hopefully soon A will be ready! She loved my mother´s day talk that I gave yesterday and in front of everyone offered to be my mom in the mission haha! She´s a funny lady. She just needs to repent! 
     So I just discovered that on my LDS account I have a leadership portal thing and there is a bunch of explanations of controversial stuff to explain to the members when they have questions about polygamy and stuff like that! It is really interesting!
      I am so happy you found my keys! What a blessing! Also that pies & ties thing sounds awesome for my homecoming! But we should get cheesecake too!
     My district leader had emergency transfers so our plans fell apart to play soccer today for Pday. I bought some dope 450 Quetz shoes! They are basketball shoes but they´re nice and I needed a pair of basketball shoes. I can run in them and everything too. Now I´ll be able to get the Jazz to the finals!  Also I bought some corte! It was a steal! Also we just hung out with Hastings.   
   Did you get my reference at the beginning of my email?
     Did the Jazz win?! But I have to go! I love you!!!! Have a good week!! It was awesome to talk to you yesterday! I´ll take more pictures this week! 
     Love you!!!!!
Our Skype/Phone Call

Bryson and Elder Hastings

Corte (in Seattle Seahawks colors, haha)

These are new shoes he got for Christmas!

His new basketball shoes

If you know Bryson, you know he loves Taylor Swift!

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