Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week #90-"Get Your Sloppy Joes Here! Extra Sloppy!"

Hey mom what a good week! We had lots of fun! The good news is that En got baptized! it was so great! Another Priesthood holder in the branch! It was not as easy as we thought it would be.  He officially accepted his baptismal date on Tuesday of last week! So that was kind of funny. Heath and I went into his house not taking no for an answer. We asked him if he would be baptized and he said ´´talvez´´ which means maybe. I had no idea what to say so I told him that wasn´t an answer and then he said yes haha! We baptized him and confirmed him yesterday. But the scary thing is that on Saturday he got in a fight with his girlfriend! Anyways En seemed really down and it looked like he wasn´t going to get baptized but then he asked me if he could talk to me alone for a minute. And we had a good conversation and I told him that he shouldn´t get baptized if he wanted to do it for his girlfriend and he told us that he wanted to do it for God. So he did it! It was  wonderful! 
Oh my gosh mom! I was so stressed this week! I know why bishops get white hair so fast! A girl in my branch who is 16 is pregnant by some sexual predator and he is trying to get her to abort the baby and she is too young and inexperienced and her dad is 87!!! And on top of it a member of the  branch went up to her mom to chew her out for being a bad mom and letting her daughter do stuff like that and then she tried to send a plague from heaven upon her! Is that not crazy!? She acted like she had authority from God to curse her family so she started clapping in the air and like casting a spell. she´s crazy! I´m going to die here. Also I have to think of a good mother´s day activity for the branch. And on top of it we need to train Elio, make sure that En stays active, manage the group in Tahuexco, and visit the 50 investigators that we have! I am dying. 
       Okay we had quite the experience of my life Saturday. So the Relief Society president in the branch had her birthday and the evangelicals always have what they call a ´´cult´´ to celebrate birthdays. She obviously isn´t evangelical but her children are, so they insisted that the had a cult in her house. Well she wanted us to go and participate! So we rounded up the members and when I got there I saw that the evangelicals had set up huge speakers and their keyboards and stuff to sing their hymns. But Hermana Marta asked the pastor of the other church to give me control over the meeting! So I had to take the microphone and do like a little meeting in her house! Well there were a ton of people there that had never heard the message of the restoration so Heath suggested that I talk about the Restoration instead of my original topic which was unity. So I mixed the two themes together and it actually went really great. I was pretty nervous though. Every once in a while during my talk the evangelicals would say something like ´´gloria a Dios´´ or ´´aleluya´´ it was so funny! But it was a good time! The pastor from the other church was so mad! He hated me! And then tried to contradict everything that I had said in my talk! But the Spirit was not with him! But I took a video and I will show you when I get home! 
    Anyways good stuff! 
    Ummmm Sunday at 1 we´ll get on skype to talk to eachother! 
    Love you! 

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