Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week #89-Snakes on the Bus

Hello mother! We had a really awesome week! I thought that it was going to be a pretty bad week because we had to go to Mazatenango 4 times and that always kills all of our time but the grace of God walketh us. 
     Anyways! We started out Monday with a lesson with some pretty awesome Jehovah´s Witnesses! They are really cool and they are always open to listening to us! Well they started going off about the whole blood transfusion thing! I had heard about it before but I didn´t know really why they didn´t allow it! Well they didn´t really know either. So they called one of the Elders from their church to explain it to all of us and he just talked in circles for twenty minutes and they all ended up more bewildered. Then they called another one and it was the same story! it was an awesome lesson and they felt the spirit a lot when we started to talk about modern and personal revelation and stuff! And we got some new awesome investigators out of it too! 
      Well the awesome miracle that happened this week is that we had 15 investigators who came to sacrament meeting! And my companion and I have no time in the morning to bring people to church so we just have to hope that they come haha! It is so awesome! Just a bunch of random people that we talked to in the street came! And the members were awesome tambien (also) and tried to make them feel at home! It was sweet! The other cool thing is that we had an attendance of 60 people yesterday! it was the highest attendance that I have ever had in La Maquina! And a fourth of them were not members! 
     Then we had an awesome activity that was really well put together a few hours after church that the mission has been doing in all of the stakes. Well I didn´t know if I needed to contract a bus or a shuttle to take us to Mazate! Well I had faith that a lot of people would come so I went with the bus! Well a lot of people DID come! The members and investigators filled the bus! I was happier than Happy Feet. Then what happened was Elder Heath had the idea to bring President Goodman to meet all of the investigators that came with us and I think like 10 came or something like that and he met all of them and filled them with inspiring words of love! But everyone loved the activity! But yeah so the members brought a bunch of younger good looking girls with them and they are what we call snakes because they always try to flirt with the missionaries and there were like a billion on the bus that came with us to the activity so that´s why my title is that.
      It was an awesome week! Hopefully Enrique gets baptized this week and more people get baptized this month! It should be an awesome month! 
     Okay you are totally right. #takenote is the dopest thing I have ever heard of in my life! So do you think that the Jazz have a chance?! That would be dope if they won! 
      Also I heard that not only one but TWO Star wars have come out. Is that true? If it is I am going to have a Gandolfo´s party when I get home. The force is the Priesthood. George Lucas was Mormon.
     Love you! Have a good week! Go jazz! Maybe I´ll watch the game in my office with Elder Heath haha! Just kidding! Bye! 

On the bus headed to a church activity

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