Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week #93-"I'm gunna find it, break it and ride it to the pegasus treasure"

Ha ha just type it in on google and watch the video. Elder Heath and I were talking about which Key and Peele video was the best and  I think that one is. 
    Well we had a fun week! There is this lady that we found in the middle of nowhere that was an active  member about 5 months ago but who was inactive until last week! Anyways she invited us over to her house to do a huge noche de hogar with like a thousand of her neighbors! And her neighbors weren´t members! It was way fun but she gave us the Guatemalan version of hot chocolate (disgusting) and I am pretty sure that there was an animal in it that laid demon eggs in my stomache! I literally have probably gone to the bathroom more than a hundred times this week! I don´t know what I have yet! But it is pretty awesome whatever it is. But the family home evening thing was awesome we got a bunch of new investigators. The hard thing is getting them to church though! They live really far away and are really poor! 
    We had to drop A and her family which was sad! they are good people the mom just wasn´t very good and keeping her commitments and stuff. 
    We are working with M now who is really cool! He is the boyfriend of the 16 year old pregnant girl! It´s not his baby though! He really likes the church. He is 18 and he is really interested in learning! He almost cried when we showed him the Joseph Smith Movie! He liked it! Anyways it was pretty awesome.
    Yesterday was pretty stressful. The Gospel Doctrine teacher didn´t show up which is pretty normal so I gave the class. We actually don´t study the Gospel Doctrine manual. We learn out of the Gospel Principles book because most of the people can´t even understand the basics haha! But I taught about baptism which was really easy because I always do that. Well a certain sister of the ward decided to use the class to start criticizing the parents of the 16 year old pregnant girl! And her boyfriend investigator was there as well! So she is awesome! I love that kind of stuff. That is sarcastic, I hate that kind of stuff. Literally right after I gave a talk about how they need to be more united and stop hating on each other! They literally don´t even listen! Oh well!   
     We are moving today I hate moving but I do hate our house. did you see the rat? The main reason is because there are like a zillion rats in our house! We have killed 5 so far.
But I have to go! Love you! See you later!!!!!
Brys said "no idea what I'm doing here, looks like I'm trying to force choke something"

One of the 5 rats they've killed

Zone at lunch

Elder Heath, haha, didn't know his pic was being taken

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week #92-Goals.......................

Hey mom! So awesome week! We had some fun and got some work done. I went to a 15 años which was pretty cool because it was the first. I talked to like a million people and sweet talked all the old women. If there is anything that´s true in life, it´s that old women love to be sweet talked. But the crappy part is that after the birthday party (which was held in the church) we had to clean the entire church! It was awful! I literally have never swept so fast in my entire life! But it was clean for church the next day.
     Well things are going good! I went on exchanges with Elder Fairbanks this week which is fun because he has been on crutches ever since he broke his toe about a month ago, so it made travel really fun. But yeah it was fun! Elder Fairbanks is going to have transfers so I probably won´t see him until we´re in the Celestial Kingdom. But my old companion Elder Zavala is going to take his place so that´s cool! Also best news ever! Elder Tagg is coming to Mazate. I literally fasted and prayed for 40 decades so that Elder Tagg could come and die with me in Mazate! Prayers are answered.
       We have been hunting down the 500 less active members of our branch in search of some baptisms! We have been using Elio to track down some people too because he lives in a pretty far away place! He found us a pretty cool family that has 4 teenagers that could get baptized! We have also found that a lot of people have died and their records are still in the system. And a whole lot of apostate members so it is kind of sad but there will be fruits! 
    We are still working with A and her family. They couldn´t come to church  this week because there is literally no water in all of the center of La Maquina and the government went around of course on Sunday morning to give out water So that sucks.
    Sorry to hear about Pitt! Hopefully he can use echo location to get around now. He is pretty much a rat which is like a cousin of the bat so I think it´s possible! (Pit is our Chihuahua that went blind) Also I just barely figured out who the Chainsmokers are! I can´t believe you went to their concert! You are cooler than I am. 
     Sorry I have to leave and deposite the tithing right now! Love you!!!!! I will take more pictures this week!!! With Tagg maybe!! Have an awesome week! Tell me if the new Pirates of the Carribean is good! 
    Love you!  

15 anos party

baby taking a bath in a bucket

Bryson and Elder Heath

Bryson and Hermano Rony

Cute little pigs they found

House they might move in to

the biggest bug ever

A girl in his area drew pictures of him, this one he's riding a wolf

Chicago, across the river. They can't go there because they can't go on the river

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Week #91-The Confrontation

´´Valjean, at last, We see each other plain 'm'sieur le mayor, 'You'll wear a different chaaaaaaiinn´´
       I don´t think anyone will get that. Maybe some people. The really cultured people haha! 
    Well you know how we have been  trying to get A to stop fornicating so that she can get baptized but she is deeply in love with a married man. It´s like the book The Awakening that we had to read senior year kind of (worst book in the world by the way).  Anyways we went to her house to teach her! And her boyfriend who has the wife was there! Elder Heath wanted to rip his head off when he saw him and I wanted to use his bones as a toothpick but we refrained and put away our anger. And we started teaching him and A! It was kind of weird. But finally Heath went right to the point and said ´´How do you think your wife feels knowing that you are messing around with another woman when she has always been so true to you´´  It was literally like Heath did a windmill dunk over him and the whole crowd went ´´oooooooooohhhhhhhhh´´.  He was silent! It was so awesome and the Spirit was so strong! He felt really bad and said that he is going to start repenting. So hopefully soon A will be ready! She loved my mother´s day talk that I gave yesterday and in front of everyone offered to be my mom in the mission haha! She´s a funny lady. She just needs to repent! 
     So I just discovered that on my LDS account I have a leadership portal thing and there is a bunch of explanations of controversial stuff to explain to the members when they have questions about polygamy and stuff like that! It is really interesting!
      I am so happy you found my keys! What a blessing! Also that pies & ties thing sounds awesome for my homecoming! But we should get cheesecake too!
     My district leader had emergency transfers so our plans fell apart to play soccer today for Pday. I bought some dope 450 Quetz shoes! They are basketball shoes but they´re nice and I needed a pair of basketball shoes. I can run in them and everything too. Now I´ll be able to get the Jazz to the finals!  Also I bought some corte! It was a steal! Also we just hung out with Hastings.   
   Did you get my reference at the beginning of my email?
     Did the Jazz win?! But I have to go! I love you!!!! Have a good week!! It was awesome to talk to you yesterday! I´ll take more pictures this week! 
     Love you!!!!!
Our Skype/Phone Call

Bryson and Elder Hastings

Corte (in Seattle Seahawks colors, haha)

These are new shoes he got for Christmas!

His new basketball shoes

If you know Bryson, you know he loves Taylor Swift!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Week #90-"Get Your Sloppy Joes Here! Extra Sloppy!"

Hey mom what a good week! We had lots of fun! The good news is that En got baptized! it was so great! Another Priesthood holder in the branch! It was not as easy as we thought it would be.  He officially accepted his baptismal date on Tuesday of last week! So that was kind of funny. Heath and I went into his house not taking no for an answer. We asked him if he would be baptized and he said ´´talvez´´ which means maybe. I had no idea what to say so I told him that wasn´t an answer and then he said yes haha! We baptized him and confirmed him yesterday. But the scary thing is that on Saturday he got in a fight with his girlfriend! Anyways En seemed really down and it looked like he wasn´t going to get baptized but then he asked me if he could talk to me alone for a minute. And we had a good conversation and I told him that he shouldn´t get baptized if he wanted to do it for his girlfriend and he told us that he wanted to do it for God. So he did it! It was  wonderful! 
Oh my gosh mom! I was so stressed this week! I know why bishops get white hair so fast! A girl in my branch who is 16 is pregnant by some sexual predator and he is trying to get her to abort the baby and she is too young and inexperienced and her dad is 87!!! And on top of it a member of the  branch went up to her mom to chew her out for being a bad mom and letting her daughter do stuff like that and then she tried to send a plague from heaven upon her! Is that not crazy!? She acted like she had authority from God to curse her family so she started clapping in the air and like casting a spell. she´s crazy! I´m going to die here. Also I have to think of a good mother´s day activity for the branch. And on top of it we need to train Elio, make sure that En stays active, manage the group in Tahuexco, and visit the 50 investigators that we have! I am dying. 
       Okay we had quite the experience of my life Saturday. So the Relief Society president in the branch had her birthday and the evangelicals always have what they call a ´´cult´´ to celebrate birthdays. She obviously isn´t evangelical but her children are, so they insisted that the had a cult in her house. Well she wanted us to go and participate! So we rounded up the members and when I got there I saw that the evangelicals had set up huge speakers and their keyboards and stuff to sing their hymns. But Hermana Marta asked the pastor of the other church to give me control over the meeting! So I had to take the microphone and do like a little meeting in her house! Well there were a ton of people there that had never heard the message of the restoration so Heath suggested that I talk about the Restoration instead of my original topic which was unity. So I mixed the two themes together and it actually went really great. I was pretty nervous though. Every once in a while during my talk the evangelicals would say something like ´´gloria a Dios´´ or ´´aleluya´´ it was so funny! But it was a good time! The pastor from the other church was so mad! He hated me! And then tried to contradict everything that I had said in my talk! But the Spirit was not with him! But I took a video and I will show you when I get home! 
    Anyways good stuff! 
    Ummmm Sunday at 1 we´ll get on skype to talk to eachother! 
    Love you! 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Week #89-Snakes on the Bus

Hello mother! We had a really awesome week! I thought that it was going to be a pretty bad week because we had to go to Mazatenango 4 times and that always kills all of our time but the grace of God walketh us. 
     Anyways! We started out Monday with a lesson with some pretty awesome Jehovah´s Witnesses! They are really cool and they are always open to listening to us! Well they started going off about the whole blood transfusion thing! I had heard about it before but I didn´t know really why they didn´t allow it! Well they didn´t really know either. So they called one of the Elders from their church to explain it to all of us and he just talked in circles for twenty minutes and they all ended up more bewildered. Then they called another one and it was the same story! it was an awesome lesson and they felt the spirit a lot when we started to talk about modern and personal revelation and stuff! And we got some new awesome investigators out of it too! 
      Well the awesome miracle that happened this week is that we had 15 investigators who came to sacrament meeting! And my companion and I have no time in the morning to bring people to church so we just have to hope that they come haha! It is so awesome! Just a bunch of random people that we talked to in the street came! And the members were awesome tambien (also) and tried to make them feel at home! It was sweet! The other cool thing is that we had an attendance of 60 people yesterday! it was the highest attendance that I have ever had in La Maquina! And a fourth of them were not members! 
     Then we had an awesome activity that was really well put together a few hours after church that the mission has been doing in all of the stakes. Well I didn´t know if I needed to contract a bus or a shuttle to take us to Mazate! Well I had faith that a lot of people would come so I went with the bus! Well a lot of people DID come! The members and investigators filled the bus! I was happier than Happy Feet. Then what happened was Elder Heath had the idea to bring President Goodman to meet all of the investigators that came with us and I think like 10 came or something like that and he met all of them and filled them with inspiring words of love! But everyone loved the activity! But yeah so the members brought a bunch of younger good looking girls with them and they are what we call snakes because they always try to flirt with the missionaries and there were like a billion on the bus that came with us to the activity so that´s why my title is that.
      It was an awesome week! Hopefully Enrique gets baptized this week and more people get baptized this month! It should be an awesome month! 
     Okay you are totally right. #takenote is the dopest thing I have ever heard of in my life! So do you think that the Jazz have a chance?! That would be dope if they won! 
      Also I heard that not only one but TWO Star wars have come out. Is that true? If it is I am going to have a Gandolfo´s party when I get home. The force is the Priesthood. George Lucas was Mormon.
     Love you! Have a good week! Go jazz! Maybe I´ll watch the game in my office with Elder Heath haha! Just kidding! Bye! 

On the bus headed to a church activity