Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week #88-"I see you like to why don't you.........CHEW ON MY FIST!"

Hey Mom! Some kids were using the wifi at the church to download Kung Fu Panda 3 and that is the best line ever!

I can´t believe Dan Rooney died! ´´he´s my favorite´´ (Look up sporty on Youtube). 
     this week was fun, but not too fun! Just kidding it was fine though! We didn´t have to worry about about fighting to try to get some members to give some talks because President Goodman´s Counselor came down with his secretary so they just gave some awesome talks! And they came down to interview Elio!!! To extend him the calling of people second counselor! We sustained him in sacrament meeting, then set him apart after! then when I went to put it in MLS..... we realized that an Aaronic Priesthood holder can´t be second counselor! So now he is the ´´special assistant to the branch President´´ haha! 
    En went to church again and he loved it again! We put a date with him for the 6th! He just needs a little more help and then he will be ready! he is 24 so he is in the perfect range! But he´s cool! 
      We found an awesome family this week! the family Sor or something like that! It is way hard to pronounce! We found them contacting and then we went and chopped their wood and took some of their water out of the well and then started talking to them about the Gospel and found out that their little boy died a few years ago that was 1 year old! Hopefully they are going to come to this huge activity that we´re going to have on Sunday! So then they will see that the church is only really small in La Maquina but in the rest of the world it is pretty big! 
      I was pretty stressed out this week! So we have to read the Handbooks of ´´Administration of the Church´´ I think if I learn those handbooks really well, I´ll be able to pass the bar exam! I´ve always wanted to be lawyer after I saw A Few Good Men. 
Okay I have to go! Love you!!!!! I will talk to you soon! We have like two weeks or three weeks until mother´s day! Awesome! Love you! 
     Dove thew! 
I was told Bryson will tell me this story when he gets home.

Getting rid of beer bottles for a member

Elder Heeeeaaaath, Elder Holland, Elder Rodriguez & Bryson

With investigator family

Fanny loves Bryson and Bryson loves Fanny-Brys was sad she got left out in the rain :(

Lucero the dog looks like Chewbaca

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