Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week #86-Baby Mama Drama

Ha ha whenever I´m stressed I just call it baby mama drama. I remembered the phrase because Ali always calls his girlfriend his baby mama. So weird.  
    Well we have transfers! I´m staying in La Maquina as branch president and Elder Martineau is going to Coatepeque! And they are sending me Elder HEEEEEEAAAAATTTTHHHHHH. That dude is awesome I am so excited for him! He is from the south! We´ll have a lot of fun! I´m pretty excited, also our zone is going to be the best zone ever! So many of my friends are coming and they are going to combine the two zones so it is going to be a huge zone with a lot of missionaries! I am going to get a Presidente Gallagher name tag! 
    Anyways we had a pretty fun week! There is a recent convert who has a family who lives in Petén but they come and visit every once and a while but there is no church where they live so they just go to the Testigos church. But they love to listen about the restored Gospel when they come down and it gets the rest of the recent convert´s family interested too!  It is a good time! They´re pretty good people! And they are going to all get baptized one day. 
     We are teaching this awesome guy named E that we found recently. he had been taught by the missionaries before but it´s hard for him to drop his girlfriend or get married to her. we challenged him for the last Saturday of this month but he said he isn´t sure because of the girlfriend thing. 
    We are also teaching R. he is a good guy but he is living with a member which is hard because the member is married to some guy who is in the US now. that is like the trickiest situation ever! If we were just normal missionaries and not the branch presidency it would probably be less complicated but we are in charge of all of the repentance stuff for the big sins! It sucks but he came to church for the first time this Sunday.
    The attendance was huge yesterday for La Maquina. And it was testimony meeting and literally everyone just bore their testimonies about Joseph Smith! and they never mentioned Jesus! It was kind of awkward. That´s probably why people think we worship Joseph Smith. But I love this place! 
      Anyways I got your package and I loved it! I should not have opened the letters in front of everyone! Titan´s letter was so funny and cute! It almost made me cry but I maintained my composure! 
     Okay I have to go! Can you please find out if Taylor Swift is pregnant! I heard she is! But she told me that she would wait for me! I know she´ll be faithful! Love you! See you later! 
Pday fun..............

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