Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week #88-"I see you like to why don't you.........CHEW ON MY FIST!"

Hey Mom! Some kids were using the wifi at the church to download Kung Fu Panda 3 and that is the best line ever!

I can´t believe Dan Rooney died! ´´he´s my favorite´´ (Look up sporty on Youtube). 
     this week was fun, but not too fun! Just kidding it was fine though! We didn´t have to worry about about fighting to try to get some members to give some talks because President Goodman´s Counselor came down with his secretary so they just gave some awesome talks! And they came down to interview Elio!!! To extend him the calling of people second counselor! We sustained him in sacrament meeting, then set him apart after! then when I went to put it in MLS..... we realized that an Aaronic Priesthood holder can´t be second counselor! So now he is the ´´special assistant to the branch President´´ haha! 
    En went to church again and he loved it again! We put a date with him for the 6th! He just needs a little more help and then he will be ready! he is 24 so he is in the perfect range! But he´s cool! 
      We found an awesome family this week! the family Sor or something like that! It is way hard to pronounce! We found them contacting and then we went and chopped their wood and took some of their water out of the well and then started talking to them about the Gospel and found out that their little boy died a few years ago that was 1 year old! Hopefully they are going to come to this huge activity that we´re going to have on Sunday! So then they will see that the church is only really small in La Maquina but in the rest of the world it is pretty big! 
      I was pretty stressed out this week! So we have to read the Handbooks of ´´Administration of the Church´´ I think if I learn those handbooks really well, I´ll be able to pass the bar exam! I´ve always wanted to be lawyer after I saw A Few Good Men. 
Okay I have to go! Love you!!!!! I will talk to you soon! We have like two weeks or three weeks until mother´s day! Awesome! Love you! 
     Dove thew! 
I was told Bryson will tell me this story when he gets home.

Getting rid of beer bottles for a member

Elder Heeeeaaaath, Elder Holland, Elder Rodriguez & Bryson

With investigator family

Fanny loves Bryson and Bryson loves Fanny-Brys was sad she got left out in the rain :(

Lucero the dog looks like Chewbaca

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week #87-I Love This Bar

´´I like my truck, I like my girlfriend. I like to take her out to dinner. I like a movie now and then..... But I love this bar!!!´´ Elder Heath got that song stuck in my head. I love him. He has the most southern accent of all time! I am literally getting his accent! It is so funny!
     Anyways it was a pretty cool! Week! This guy named En said that he wants to get baptized. He is interesting. He is 24 and is dating a 16 year old girl from our branch and they always are together but he says that he loves the church and he wants to get baptized. He has only been to church once because he works on Sundays. But he says he is going to everything he can to stop working on Sunday to go to church. But he´s pretty cool. I wasn´t very sure about him at first but he seems to get everything we teach.
    I was walking in the street the other day and there was this little kid that always calls us gringos when we pass by thinking he´s a big shot so I told him that I was going to take him and eat him and he started crying and ran away haha! Not so much of a big shot now! 
     Well we had an awesome experience yesterday. So Elio went to church yesterday and he had his awesome white shirt and tie that we gave him. We ordained him a priest last tuesday. Anyways last night he goes up to me and he opened up to Doctrine and Covenants 70 and asked if I could explain it. I was all like ´´crap he probably read some really crazy deep doctrine that he doesn´t understand´´. So I start explaining what D&C is and all that stuff because they didn´t really know what it was. Anyways he said ´´I want you to read it to me because a couple nights ago I had a dream that two missionaries went up to me and asked me to read Doctrine and Covenants sections 70-72. But I didn´t know what that book was so I started looking in my books!" Well he found his doctrine and covenants and started reading it by himself but didn´t understand very well. Anyways if you know what is in those chapters... they are about how nobody can take the tithings and offerings for themselves in the church (which has been the downfall of La Maquina in the past), missionary work and the responsibilities of bishops!!!!! It seems like God is preparing Elio to be the next branch president here! I told President and he was so happy! It was such an awesome miracle! He will need some help though before he´s ready! We are going to help prepare him for three months and then he will be ready! 
     Yesterday was really stressful! We had a fun activity though and made coke floats and stuff! And we watched some cool Easter videos! We watched the Prince of Peace stuff that the church came out with! 
Have you heard the new Taylor Swift song!? They had it in Tacobell and it is so good! 
Cool week! Love you!!!!


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week #86-Baby Mama Drama

Ha ha whenever I´m stressed I just call it baby mama drama. I remembered the phrase because Ali always calls his girlfriend his baby mama. So weird.  
    Well we have transfers! I´m staying in La Maquina as branch president and Elder Martineau is going to Coatepeque! And they are sending me Elder HEEEEEEAAAAATTTTHHHHHH. That dude is awesome I am so excited for him! He is from the south! We´ll have a lot of fun! I´m pretty excited, also our zone is going to be the best zone ever! So many of my friends are coming and they are going to combine the two zones so it is going to be a huge zone with a lot of missionaries! I am going to get a Presidente Gallagher name tag! 
    Anyways we had a pretty fun week! There is a recent convert who has a family who lives in Petén but they come and visit every once and a while but there is no church where they live so they just go to the Testigos church. But they love to listen about the restored Gospel when they come down and it gets the rest of the recent convert´s family interested too!  It is a good time! They´re pretty good people! And they are going to all get baptized one day. 
     We are teaching this awesome guy named E that we found recently. he had been taught by the missionaries before but it´s hard for him to drop his girlfriend or get married to her. we challenged him for the last Saturday of this month but he said he isn´t sure because of the girlfriend thing. 
    We are also teaching R. he is a good guy but he is living with a member which is hard because the member is married to some guy who is in the US now. that is like the trickiest situation ever! If we were just normal missionaries and not the branch presidency it would probably be less complicated but we are in charge of all of the repentance stuff for the big sins! It sucks but he came to church for the first time this Sunday.
    The attendance was huge yesterday for La Maquina. And it was testimony meeting and literally everyone just bore their testimonies about Joseph Smith! and they never mentioned Jesus! It was kind of awkward. That´s probably why people think we worship Joseph Smith. But I love this place! 
      Anyways I got your package and I loved it! I should not have opened the letters in front of everyone! Titan´s letter was so funny and cute! It almost made me cry but I maintained my composure! 
     Okay I have to go! Can you please find out if Taylor Swift is pregnant! I heard she is! But she told me that she would wait for me! I know she´ll be faithful! Love you! See you later! 
Pday fun..............

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week #85 Put your pinky finger to the moon!!

There is this song that we always hear in the bus that says that and it must be the most catchy song of all time! It is literally impossible to ignor! And the bus driver always turns it up when it comes on (who could blame him). But what is that song!? I made a bet that it´s Bruno Mars but I have no idea. 
     Well I had no idea that you were getting surgery this week! That is insane! I have never had surgery and I never want it! I feel like they would leave Jr. Mint in my body and I would have that feat that it would like poison my blood or something! But I hope everything went well! 
   I saw President Stahle on the TV for the confrence like right before it started and I was so happy! I feel like I am famous because he is our patriarch haha! We have like a special connection haha! But he actually sits right next the the 12! It´s insane! 
   Well it was an awesome conference! This is the first conference that I actually watched all of the sessions and it was so great! We had to set up everything in the chapel and we had to stream it from the internet which is the worst becasue all of the young whipper snappers on the street always sit outside of the church and use our wifi and it makes the internet really slow! We always try to contact them and get them to come inside but they just want to get on Facebook with the wifi! So we found a way to shut off the wifi and everyone got so mad! It´s not our fault! 
    Anyways so the family Quich that we are teaching is so awesome! They were a reference from an awesome dude named Gerber (pronounced Her Ber) and he is the guy who sales the baby food. But they came to conference and there was like literally 3 members that came haha! Most of them just watch it at their houses which is okay. But it was cool. They showed up a little late and when they showed up I started praying that there would be a good talk for the investigators while they weren´t bored! Well my prayer was answered two seconds later! Elder Coasta gave a talk literally to the investigators and it was so awesome! 
    We are kind of teaching this guy named Ali. He speaks perfect english but got deported because he is like a convict! Anyways we went to his house to drop him off a Book of Mormon! Ali comes out with a Machete and a rolled up blunt! But when he saw that it was us he said ´´Brothers!´´ Come on in. We didn´t know if we should have gone in! He hadn´t yet smoked the blunt do we walked in! His house has way bad vibes but as soon as we started to teach him it got really spiritual. He said he wanted to change and buy clothes instead of drugs and come to church.  He is a cool dude. He used to hate me!  But now he likes me! He doesn´t like me when he´s drunk and he sees me in the street. I have a theory that you get possed by the devil when you get drunk. I will explain it to you in more depth later. But I´m convinced of it! 
      Love you!!! #LetBrownTwerk