Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week #84-"Si tu marido no te quiere.....bebe!!"

There is this new song that came out and everyone plays it all the time. But it means ´´if your husband doesn´t want you... baby!´´ it probably isn´t a very good song but it is so catchy. You should look it up. 
    Well the good news is that J got baptized! Which is really good! Now the whole family is complete in the Gospel and in a year they can go to the temple and get sealed and what not. But it wasn´t easy! Satan gave them a undercut to the clavical! So the mom had a dream that her cousin was in a really dark place and she was with some people that she had never seen in her life and they were asking help to get out of the place! Anyways we interpreted it that somebody wanted to get out of the Spirit Prison so  that she needed to go to the temple and do baptisms. But she was wondering why her cousin was there as well. Well the next day her cousin got shot in the head! Their cousin was a table dancer so I bet she got mixed up in something bad. She had her first kid by the time she was 13 and when she was 15 she had 3 kids already!!!! She was kind of unchaste haha! And they killed her! It was so bad! But L had to drive to the capital and go to the funeral and come back the same day. They were all really sad though, but J still got baptized so that was good.
     Wa and C are doing alright. W is doing a little better. They´ve started praying together every night and they told us that they´ve seen the difference in their house. It´s good that they´re doing that because they used to fight all of the time. W cheated on C like 4 years ago with her best friend so there are some trust issues haha! But we are trying to get them to go to church, but it´s hard because they don´t even have enough money to pay for their light bill. So that is kind of hard. They don´t have lights in their house. They always give us mangos though because they have like 5 mango trees! I love mangos! 
     Well not much happened this week! We are so excited for the conference! I love that kind of stuff! 
    Oh we are trying to prepare El to be the branch President which would be a huge help for the branch.  He is going to be the salvation of the Branch! So we had interviews with President this week and he said the plan is that Elder martineau is going to have transfers and that I will stay as Branch President and that I have to teach a local branch president fast. That´s why we´re trying to get E prepared. He got baptized 2 weeks ago!   But he seems down! We just got to teach him a lot!  I have never been in an area for more than like 3 months so it´ll be different for me. I´m pretty scared. Because if I like lost tithing money or something like that I would get excommunicated haha! Just kidding not really but it is a lot stuff that you have to do. Assign talks and interviews and welfare and stuff like that.
     Oh my goodness! I gave a talk yesterday and Hermana M(the 95 year old lady in our branch) started talking! She was like shouting to me and lifting her hands up but I can´t really understand her! Literally the whole branch was laughing! But she was talking about how she has a horse under her bed that won´t let her sleep because it scratches itself all night and she wanted to know if we could go and take it out! I was dying! i could not stay focused! 
     I just ate at Tacobell and it gave me instant diahrrea? How the yale do you spell that? The pills you sent are working though! Oh my goodness send like 3 more of those bath and body works hand sanitizers! I love those! I am using the ´´CHECK MEOWT´´ one right now. They are so funny.
    Oh my goodness that is so freaking awesome that the Raiders are going to Vegas!!!!! We have to go to a game! I bet Oakland people are really sad though!
   They are playing Taylor Swift songs in the computer place. God answers prayers. 
   Love you!!!! Sorry you have to get surgery! it´ll be all good though! 
Bad hair day after riding in the back of a truck

"Eating cat for dinner"'s a joke

A jawbone he found in the neighbors yard......sketchy

J Got baptized!
                                                                  KKK came to town

                                                          Inside of Bryson's house

                                                                    Outside of Bryson's house

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