Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Week #83-"Happy Leif Ericson Day! Hu ding a ding a durgen"

(Headline is a quote from SpongeBob, haha)
Hey we didn´t eat corned beef and cabbage but I was thinking about it. There is a nice oven in the church and no one ever uses it so I thought making some good Irish food for St. Patrick´s Day but I remembered that corned beef tastes like toe nails haha! it was pretty cool though! In La Maquina it was the party week for San José which is Saint Joseph haha! And we tried to convince everyone that Saint Joseph was Joseph Smith but nobody believed us haha! But it was a good time! 
    Well the best news is that Jennifer López is going to get baptized this week! and the bad news is that H got kidnapped and taken to the USA! It is actually kind of a sad story. So H has always lived with her mom and out of nowhere her dad (who is from San Francisco) decided to step into her life and take her to the states and I don´t even think she knew her dad! But oh well! Good for her! I bet her dad is a good guy and her environment in Guatemala was pretty bad with the whole prostitution thing but we told her to look for the missionaries in San Fran so hopefully it goes well! 
    Jennifer was totally set on waiting until the end of April for her baptism because she had done a secret combination with H that they were going to do it on some specific date but we said that because H is gone that the secret combination is broken and that she was prepared to be baptized, so she is going to do it! I was way happy! 
    We are teaching this lady named Anna! We call her Ann Frank. But she has been dating this guy for like 8 years who has a wife! That is like the worst sin of all time so we just need to make her understand that she is going to go to hell if she keeps doing that! A Divorce costs 5000 Quetz and takes 3 years haha! The thing about Ann Frank is that the dude lives with her half the time and with his wife half the time! Crazy! But anyways she is like 65 too. But she wants to get baptized. Her daughter is like the most awesome member of our ward. But yeah hopefully she can drop the dude soon! I think she can do it! She just needs some tough love. 
     Also we are working with Cristina Perry and Walter (Walt Disney). they are a cool family, but they are really poor and it´s hard for them to go to church on Sunday. They were going to come but then they didn´t. Story of my mission. But anyways we have faith! 
   We found some cool people this week! This one guy went to the states and brought back a bunch of coke! And he gave us a can! And I knew from the moment it touched my tongue that it was American coke! It is not as good as Guatemalan coke but it reminded me of football and Christmas. 
    Love you!

Eating Mexican corn
It hasn't rained  for a long time in La Maquina

People dancing in the street

The Mazate Lincoln Zone

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