Monday, March 6, 2017

Week #81-March the 4th be with you

Well that was such a good week! The L Family got baptized which was great! We had to get them married first which was some pretty shady business haha! We have a lawyer who lives in Cuyotenango and she always helps the missionaries with the weddings so that they aren´t so expensive! She just gave us the paper that she typed up and then we took it to the L Family that very day and El and Lo just signed it! It was insane! I could literally see that their sin had fully been repented of when I looked at the paper! So that was on Thursday and then on Saturday they got baptized! 
      J did not get baptized which was a bummer! She felt really bad though that she was the only one in her whole family that didn´t get baptized! So yesterday she came up to me at church and told me that she wants to get baptized this month with her friend H! But she said she wants it to be a surprise for her family. I told her she was nuts for wanting it to be a surprise! But This month she is going to do it with her friend! I honestly don´t understand.
     But that is all good! This week hopefully everything goes good! We found this guy named Edwin a while ago and he has never been baptized and he doesn´t go to any church! He told us that he was going to come to church yesterday and we called him and he said that he was going to go but then he didn´t! Strange! But he´s cool! 
      We literally only teach people that live far away which is hard but it´s good fun! Acxel got way sick and they rushed him to the hospital from Tahuexco which is way far away and they had to borrow like 500 quetzales to get it but the weird thing is that he didn´t need to go to the hospital at all! He had like dengue or something like that and you pretty much can´t do anything about it. Just drink water pretty much. He then got to La Maquina way late at night and they called us to see if they could stay the night in the church because there´s no transportation back to Tahuexco after like 4. But we called this guy named Gerber and he went all the way to Tahuexco and back just to drop them off with their kids at 9 at night! Gerber´s a good guy. He´s from Xela and isn´t ´part of our ward but he works in La Maquina so he always helps us out! 
      Anyways this week I started doing this thing where I will read all of the standard works and mark every verse about Jesus. Apparently,  President Nelson challenged somebody to do it so I´m going to try to do it before the end of my mission. President Nelson did it in like 3 hours while performing 3 open heart surgeries I guess, so hopefully I can do it before the end of my mission! Oh my goodness, James Harrison signed for two more years with the Steelers? He's older than the coaches!  Love you! 

The L family

The happy couple
Drinking orange juice in the lawyers office

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