Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week #79-"Grandpa, I"m Tired of Diggin Holes" "Well That's Just Too Dang Bad!"

Best quote of all time! I love that movie. Anyways it was a good week! We were literally in our area like two full days this week which was insane! We had to go up to Mazate and Reu like 5 days this week! And on Saturday and Sunday we had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning which was rough but it was so worth it! Elder Rasband is so awesome! His talk was so great and he shook all of our hands! But I did see Jake Foster and I talked to him for a minute! The reason why he wasn´t in the picture is because we divided up into missions after the meeting with Elder Rasband.
     So Elder Rasband, Elder Craig C. Christensen and bishop Davies from the Presiding Bishopric all came with Elder Jose Alonzo and some other area 70s. It had to have been the first time an Apostle had come to this mission in the history of the world! But I got front row seats which was way lucky! But I wore some of my crazy socks which was not a good idea. I was covering them the whole time ha ha! But all the general authorities brought their wives too which was awesome! Their wives are so incredible and they all gave talks as well! it was way impressive! 
         But yeah it was a really good meeting! And then we were lucky enough for Elder Rasband to come to our stake. Well actually it´s not our stake because La Maquina is not part of any stake because it´s too small haha! But they invited us anyways and we all left from La Maquina at 6 in the morning to get to Mazate at 730 and then get some seats! But Elder Rasband went around and shook hands with literally everyone in the room! And his wife gave the first talk and she decided that she was going to do it in Spanish, she doesn´t even know Spanish, but she did a great job! She had her translator there too which was crazy! But they are such awesome people! 
    It was a good week though! I saw some people from my ward in Mazate which was good! I left my camera at home though! But, hermana Pereira got me some pictures
My investigators are doing good! We literally didn´t have any time to visit them this week! Only one of them came to the meeting in Mazate with us and she can´t get baptized because she is living with a guy who is married to another woman. 
Love you have a good week! 

A sister from Nicargua (don't know her name), Sister Pereira, Bryson and President Martineau

Conference with apostle, Elder Rasband!

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