Monday, February 13, 2017

Week #78-"You Got Me a Gun Rack?"

If you name the movie I will be so happy but this time you have to name the movie! You always ignore my requests! Best movie ever! I will give you another hint if you need it!  (Wayne's World)
    So good week! Acxel (we learned it was spelled that way when we were filling out his papers) got baptized! It was so joyful! We had to baptize him yesterday because he lives in this place called Tahuexco which is so far away and he didn´t want to get baptized on the beach because he wanted to get baptized in the church in the pila so we did it (and decreased the surplus population!)! But we had to leave the center of La Maquina at 6 in the morning, drive down to Tahuexco and then drive back up to La Maquina and we picked up like 500 people and we all piled in the back of an old pickup truck it was so cool! He was really happy! But we had a lot of fun! So the baptism was supposed to start at 8, one hour before sacrament meeting. But we got back a little late from Tahexco which is alright because we run the branch so there is no branch president that can get mad at you! But it was way cool! A million people came and 8 investigators were there too which was even more cool! But yeah it was a good time!
    Literally it was the most stressful thing of my life because we had no idea how we were going to do it but the Lord provided a way! Oh my goodness that is such a big story! So I almost drove the car of a member there and President Goodman was about to let me do it, but last minute there is this guy that is from Xela and he was there and said that he could help us out if we paid for the gas! He is the guy who helped us get to Tahuexco because there isn´t transportation to get down there and he usually goes back up to Xela on Sundays to go to church there, but he said the wanted to stay for Acxel´s baptism last minute so it worked out well! It was like Nephi when they had to get the plates from Laban we just winged it and it worked! But in the branch, we literally do everything we have to program the baptisms because there is only one active member of the church who has the priesthood and he is 81. We direct the meetings, one of us gives a talk every week, we bless the Sacrament, do the tithing and literally everything. It is fun. But I had to give a talk and I realized half way through the sacrament that I had left all of my notes for the talk at home so I had to wing that as well! It was insane! 
    We had a good week though. it was good clean fun! We hope that some more homies get baptized soon. We just got to marry some people and hopefully we are throwing people in the water like Peter throws nets in the water. Today we had an awesome activity and we played this game where we had to look for scriptures in the Book of Mormon and whoever got the scripture fastest won! I won haha! And I was way cocky about it I was like ´´Is anyone else going to start to play or am I the only one playing´´ I´m such a jerk! then Elder Martineau got second place and we literally rubbed it in everyone´s face haha!
    I realized that people actually read my blog before they came on the mission! Hermana Vargas used to read it and Hermana Pereira. I think I'm going to be famous one day! Hopefully Oprah reads it. Also, Elder Rasband is coming this week! Bendiciones! Love you.
AP's on the beach with Axcel's family

Axcel and his family

Abe Lincoln vampire slayer, haha

Bryson and President Martineau with Axcel

Riding in the back of a truck to Axcel's baptism

Bryson loves Lucero the Dog

The sunset in Tahuexco

Bryson told me this is where they live.....liar

Bryson and AP Elder Zapata

A guy riding a horse on the beach "it was inspiring"

People's homes in Tahuexco-grass huts

Make shift cemetery

In back of truck

The crew from Tahuexco

Beautiful sunset in Tahuexco

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