Monday, February 6, 2017

Week #77

Hello mom! What a great week! Oh my goodness I had the greatest experience of my entire life! Kind of, it was actually kind of weird! So on Tuesday we still had to translate for the gringos but I was sick of being with the wheel chair people! They were good people but they didn´t really need me and I wanted in on the action! So I went back with the dentists to translate! There was this awesome dude who likes mountain biking who´s name is Rodger I called him ´´mista Rodger´s neighborhood´´ (but not to his face because he´d think I was weird). Anyway, it was the first patient of the day and it was this lady who had only four teeth left! Well she wanted to take the remaining 4 out! So Mista Rodga´s Neighborhood took them out! I saw him do the shots in her mouth and I got all sick! Well then when he pulled out the first tooth I got more sick! And then he was totally prompted by the Spirit because he asked me if I could go look for a band aid for him. So I left the dentist´s room and I started loosing my vision! I was passing out so I sat next to some gringa nurses and told them that I was going to pass out and then I passed out! I will never be a doctor! 
     Well we went to Axel´s house and he seems pretty much all ready for baptism this week! it will be cool! He was going to come to church at the chapel yesterday instead of attend out in the group in Tahuexco for fast and testimony meeting but his motorcycle broke down half way there. it is like an hour away from his house shack. It isn´t surprising though because he gets his whole family pilled on the motorcycle, his wife, his three children and his grandchild! it is insane! He´s 33 and has a grandson haha! But yeah we ended up going after church to rescue him and his family. 
      Also two of our investigators bore their testimonies in front of the whole branch yesterday! Lorena (like that awesome Mexican restaurant) and her daughter Brittany! It was so cool! It made me so proud! But yeah I love that! Then we taught them about how we can seal families together and she was so happy! She completely  understood it! she isn´t married to her husband and we want to baptize the husband too! Is that too much to ask?! But yeah they need to get married and baptized this month! 
Translating at a dental clinic

A baby "dragon" (it's really a baby parrot

Bryson and Elder Smith

President Martineau-Bryson's comp

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