Monday, January 23, 2017

Week #75-La Maquina!

´´Once upon a time there was a magical place where it never rained. The end." I hope you know what movie that is from! But that quote describes exactly what la Maquina is like! It is this place in the middle of nowhere and it hasn´t rained since Nam. but it is so cool! I love the place! 
      So crazy miracles! First day in the area and we were walking around and this dude came up out of nowhere on his motorcycle and asked us if he could get baptized. His whole family is baptized and his wife named their son after missionaries haha! Classic. Anyways we told him we would do it if we had time. Ha ha.
     Well also other cool thing. So la Maquina is like way far away from everything. So we are on a lot of bus rides. the area of La Maquina is actually like a tenth of the whole mission so it´s big. So I was on the bus and I saw this old dude that kind of reminded me Clint Eastwood (Westbark) and I talked with him on the hour bus ride and then when he was getting off he actually got off where we were getting off and asked if he could hear more about the Book of Mormon and everything. We told him that maybe we would pass by if we had time. Ha ha. 
      Also the first guy that we door contacted let us right in and told us that he didn´t go to any church and that his daughter had been going to church with us for like 4 months. And Elder Martineau thought that his daughter was a member! But she is not! Anyways he is cool beans! Him and his family loved the message. I seriously think we are going to baptize 8 people next month.
     What a dope week though! I could literally talk for hours about all of our investigators. They are all as cool as beans. 
    Elder Martineau is literally the coolest person of all time!!!! He always knows all of the movie quotes and songs that I sing! The only thing is that he didn´t watch Sponge Bob back at home haha! 
    So our branch has like 4 people normally and two priesthood holders, and one of them is old and the other one has his rights taken away lawlz!!!!! So we do everything in the branch. Tithing, direct the meetings, give talks, literally everything! it is great. An apostle is coming in February! I will probably see Jake Foster!
    We went to Pizza Hut in Mazate today and I saw the Steelers game! The truth is that you can´t beat a flea flicker. Well done Tom Brady. Also saw the Packers highlights! One day God is going to make the Steelers go to the Super bowl like a million times!!!!
    Go matt Ryan! 
last pic with Elder Zavala before changes

Bryson had his suit embroidered with the Guatemala flag, the Gallagher Family Crest and the Ireland Flag

One last pic with his zone in Reu before changes
Making "liquados" with President Martineau

"President Marineau tickling the ivories" haha!

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