Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week #73-Que Onda

hey mom what a great week! There is sometimes freezing rain in San Marcos they say but I have never seen it! (I told Bryson that Church got canceled in Utah because of freezing rain) But we had a pretty good week! L is ready to go this week! She is so cool! But we just got to get her interviewed this week and then to the water! 
     But yeah everything is going good. We had really spiritual lesson with the C family and my companion and I told them that if they really want to know the truth they are going to have to do more! They always do their commitments but I don´t know if they do it with all the fervor that they need to do it with! But K started crying when we were talking about that. We told them that if they do not do what they need to do before today, that we are going to stop visiting them! 
     Did I tell you the story about Elder Zapata and how we said that he was from Africa and that he eats little kids. So Elder Zapata is this guy in my district who is way awesome! But we went on exchanges and he came to my area to work with me and there is a group of kids that always follows us around. Zapata is from Guadalajara but he speaks a little bit of English because he learned on the mission. He came for the first time and came up with the idea that we would tell the kids that it was his first day in the mission and that he is from Africa and that he didn´t speak Spanish. So Zapata just talked to me in English to communicate. So we told the kids that rocks in Africa are money so they started giving him rocks and stuff. But then some kids started messing around with him and I told them that if they mess around with him that he will eat them because that´s what they do in Africa. So they got real quiet and I told one of them to touch his bag and he was way scared but finally he did it and Zapata grabbed him and started biting him! The kid started freaking out and all the people think he is a savage! It was so funny. I told them that he got sent to Africa for eating a kid and they believe me haha!  It is pretty funny! 
   We went to Champerico, that's why we are writing late and that is why I´m not writing a lot! 
Elder Johnson and I gave a message last week at the zone conference about how to have fun in the mission. It was pretty good ha ha! I love that kid. But anyways we are going to meet with the C family right now! So I will tell you how everything goes next week! We have interviews with President tomorrow so that will be fun but love you! Have a good week! 
   Love you! Steelers are going to destroy! 

Showing off his 5 O'clock shadow

District at Champerico

Zone at Champerico

writing in the sand at the beach in Champerico

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