Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week #74-Juice Box Boy

Sorry because of the transfers today they didn´t give us any time to write until right now! But I have an hour. My new companion is cool! His name is Elder Martineau (I think that´s how you spell it) he´s from Spanish Fork!  
     Ha ha I don´t know if you have ever seen Kicking and Screaming with Will Feral and I think Terry Bradshaw is in it too. But when Mike Ditka gets in a fight with Will Feral, Will Feral calls him Juice Box Boy because he´s the assistant coach and Mike Ditka gets mad and walks away and Will says ´´Everybody say bye to juice box boy!´´ But every time Elder Zavala got cocky I would call him juice box boy. Anyways, I have changes and I am going to this awesome area called La Maquina, the machine in English, and I am the mission's the juice box boy, haha!.  The place is hot. But it´ll be fun. I´m senior companion so I am in charge of all the missionary work kind of stuff and Elder Martineau is the branch president so he´s in charge of all the bishop kind of stuff! It is like a really far away area and there is pretty much nothing there. We are part of the Mazate Lincoln zone but we are like the farthest area away. The branch isn´t even part of a stake. It is like it´s own little unit that is owned by the mission. It is the only branch that is like that in the whole mission!  
    We baptized L which was cool! We didn´t have a lot of support from the ward but she got baptized haha! It was pretty good. I hope that the rest of her family that we were teaching can get baptized one day too. She didn´t want to bare her testimony haha! The bishop and his counselors said they couldn´t come so that kind of sucks, but it was alright. The baptism was good! Luckily I got my record of baptizing with every companion in every area!
    It was sad saying goodbye to the C family but Elder Zavala is training which is cool so maybe the family is prepared for him and his new companion. The guy who is taking my place as district leader is this dude named Elder Lopez who has 3 months in the mission from Honduras! He was in my district and he is dope. 
     Ha ha six field goals should get the Steelers past the Patriots! We´ll see how it goes! Maybe James Harrison will end up killing Tom Brady! And when the Steelers played them earlier in the season they didn´t have Ben right?! Now they are going to the Super bowl for sure! I bet it´ll be Steelers Falcons Superbowl! 
     Send me snow haha! Because i am going to the freaking desert! But we´ll see how long I´m there.
    Love you!!!!!!!
On a tuc tuc ride

with the C family

L's baptism

Selfie with the juice box boy

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