Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week #72-Chow Mein

Hey mom! Happy New Year! It was literally the most boring new year of all time! We slept and then when the fireworks started going off we woke up and then slept again haha!
     It was a really good week! It actually started out really bad. We went with the C Family to teach them and they surprised us and told us that they had gone to Xela to the temple there and they showed us the pictures and stuff. We had already explained what goes on in the temple more or less and why we have them and why not just anybody can go in. But they were still a little sad that they couldn´t go in haha! I told them that they could but they needed to do what God wants them to do first. Anyways then they started freaking about how we don´t baptize people in rivers like Jesus was baptized. Like, we baptize in rivers too, but they started getting way mad because we have a baptismal font in the Church! I literally didn´t know what to say. I don´t even know why they cared so much because they were baptized when they were babies in a church where they sprinkled water on their heads, so I didn´t really understand. Then we explained to them the  way we get baptized is the important part and where really isn´t so much important and they understood but still they seem to just be making up excuses not to get baptized. My companion and I were going to take a break from teaching them for a while but we went on exchanges with the assistants and they told us that we couldn´t drop them yet. I wasn´t in the last lesson with them so I don´t know how they are. But we will see if they are really humble enough to do it soon.
      Other good news! L accepted a baptismal date for the 14th which is really cool! We asked her why she wanted to get baptized in our Church and she said that it is because she believes it is the only true Church, which was awesome because there are a lot off members here that can´t seem to grasp that concept very well! But she is doing awesome! She lives with her cousins who are really awesome members. She doesn´t have parents and her brother is a less active! It will be cool when she gets baptized! 
     But I went on exchanges with this guy from my district named Elder Zapata. He is such a good missionary. He is 25 and he has only been a member for like 2 years and a half and he is going to finish his mission in May. He is a great teacher and I always learn a lot from him. Anyways so we were walking home because we had finished the day and it was like 9ish. We were a couple of blocks from our house and this drunk guy started talking to us and when we started to walk away from him he got mad and started following me to punch me but he was wasted out of his mind and like 5´4'´ but he was eating an apple and decided that he would throw it at me but he missed but hit Elder Zapata square in the head which was way funny! But Zapata got really mad and said ´´Ahora sí te parto la madre!!!´´ Which means something like ´´I´m going to kick your butt stupid idiot´´ but more graphic haha! And he starts walking to beat up the bolo! But stopped himself and grabbed his name tag and said ´´Soy misionero´´. But it was so funny. I thought he was going to kill the drunk guy. And the people who were on the street thought so too! But it kind of reminded me about the part in The Other Guys where Will Ferrell gets flash backs of when he was Gator haha! Anyways it was a good week! 
There is this lady that we pay 400 Quetz to make us food and her food is the worst, also the Guatemalans make Chow Mein that is literally the worst thing that I have ever tried in the world, so we always have to take bags to lunch and put the food in the bag when she isn't looking because it is so bad. 
     love you! Also a word of advice! You need to set aside any sort of love that you have for the Dolphins mom! That was the past! They are the enemy now!  Anyways love you!! I have got to go! Have a great week! Go Steelers! Dolphins suck! 
New neighborhood being built and their selling point is that they will have electricity, haha!

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