Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week #76-White People, White People, White People

Oh my goodness I forgot to tell you last week,  but today and tomorrow we had to translate for some American doctors that came down to Guatemala to do some good! it was so crazy today! We woke up at 4 to leave from la Maquina and then get to Mazate. So I thought that it would be funny to like mess around with the people. So the doctor would tell me in English to tell the patient that we had to do some test on his leg or something like that and then I would say ´´The doctor says that we are going to have to amputate your leg......´´ And they would get all sad and then I would tell them that I was kidding and there was no problem haha! it was so classic! 
    Anyways I was with the wheelchair group so we gave away a bunch of wheelchairs which was cool! then we went to visit Elder Smith that was translating in the dental part of the thing and they were literally just yanking people´s teeth out left and right! It was so savage! But yeah it was cool! There were so many white people it was cool.
    We went to the beachfront part of our area that is called Tahuexco (pronounced Ta-Weh-Sco) to teach A, (the guy who came up to us and told us that he wanted to get baptized) and he literally lives in the twig house from the wolf and three pigs story. He lives in a shanty house made of twigs and palm leaves and his floor is sand. He also had a 15 year old daughter who has a 5 month old kid. they look so malnourished and I feel so bad for them. they are starting a mini branch over there in Tahuexco and when the people attend church there it counts towards our over all branch attendance. The people are so humble there and I know that we could have so much success there!
So listen to this! Jake and his whole mission is coming down to reu to see Elder Rasband! So that will be awesome! they will be on our turf! Okay President approved me coming home early but only two weeks. So I will be coming home the 2nd of August!  I told him that that´s okay! But yeah that will give me some breathing room! I want to go to the Star Valley temple when I get home. we looked up temple stats and it is so small! But it looks pretty! It´s the first temple in Wyoming! But things are going really well! we are way happy and having fun! 
      Anyways that is it! Love you! 

Bryson picked up one of the babies and he said the mom literally tried to kill him, ha!

La Maquina

Dogs that Bryson loves

The flash didn't work, but he's eating fish with an investigator

This little boy wanted Bryson's hat
Translating for English doctors (the guy in the chair is getting teeth pulled)

President Martineau and Bryson with the nurses

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