Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Week #76-White People, White People, White People

Oh my goodness I forgot to tell you last week,  but today and tomorrow we had to translate for some American doctors that came down to Guatemala to do some good! it was so crazy today! We woke up at 4 to leave from la Maquina and then get to Mazate. So I thought that it would be funny to like mess around with the people. So the doctor would tell me in English to tell the patient that we had to do some test on his leg or something like that and then I would say ´´The doctor says that we are going to have to amputate your leg......´´ And they would get all sad and then I would tell them that I was kidding and there was no problem haha! it was so classic! 
    Anyways I was with the wheelchair group so we gave away a bunch of wheelchairs which was cool! then we went to visit Elder Smith that was translating in the dental part of the thing and they were literally just yanking people´s teeth out left and right! It was so savage! But yeah it was cool! There were so many white people it was cool.
    We went to the beachfront part of our area that is called Tahuexco (pronounced Ta-Weh-Sco) to teach A, (the guy who came up to us and told us that he wanted to get baptized) and he literally lives in the twig house from the wolf and three pigs story. He lives in a shanty house made of twigs and palm leaves and his floor is sand. He also had a 15 year old daughter who has a 5 month old kid. they look so malnourished and I feel so bad for them. they are starting a mini branch over there in Tahuexco and when the people attend church there it counts towards our over all branch attendance. The people are so humble there and I know that we could have so much success there!
So listen to this! Jake and his whole mission is coming down to reu to see Elder Rasband! So that will be awesome! they will be on our turf! Okay President approved me coming home early but only two weeks. So I will be coming home the 2nd of August!  I told him that that´s okay! But yeah that will give me some breathing room! I want to go to the Star Valley temple when I get home. we looked up temple stats and it is so small! But it looks pretty! It´s the first temple in Wyoming! But things are going really well! we are way happy and having fun! 
      Anyways that is it! Love you! 

Bryson picked up one of the babies and he said the mom literally tried to kill him, ha!

La Maquina

Dogs that Bryson loves

The flash didn't work, but he's eating fish with an investigator

This little boy wanted Bryson's hat
Translating for English doctors (the guy in the chair is getting teeth pulled)

President Martineau and Bryson with the nurses

Monday, January 23, 2017

Week #75-La Maquina!

´´Once upon a time there was a magical place where it never rained. The end." I hope you know what movie that is from! But that quote describes exactly what la Maquina is like! It is this place in the middle of nowhere and it hasn´t rained since Nam. but it is so cool! I love the place! 
      So crazy miracles! First day in the area and we were walking around and this dude came up out of nowhere on his motorcycle and asked us if he could get baptized. His whole family is baptized and his wife named their son after missionaries haha! Classic. Anyways we told him we would do it if we had time. Ha ha.
     Well also other cool thing. So la Maquina is like way far away from everything. So we are on a lot of bus rides. the area of La Maquina is actually like a tenth of the whole mission so it´s big. So I was on the bus and I saw this old dude that kind of reminded me Clint Eastwood (Westbark) and I talked with him on the hour bus ride and then when he was getting off he actually got off where we were getting off and asked if he could hear more about the Book of Mormon and everything. We told him that maybe we would pass by if we had time. Ha ha. 
      Also the first guy that we door contacted let us right in and told us that he didn´t go to any church and that his daughter had been going to church with us for like 4 months. And Elder Martineau thought that his daughter was a member! But she is not! Anyways he is cool beans! Him and his family loved the message. I seriously think we are going to baptize 8 people next month.
     What a dope week though! I could literally talk for hours about all of our investigators. They are all as cool as beans. 
    Elder Martineau is literally the coolest person of all time!!!! He always knows all of the movie quotes and songs that I sing! The only thing is that he didn´t watch Sponge Bob back at home haha! 
    So our branch has like 4 people normally and two priesthood holders, and one of them is old and the other one has his rights taken away lawlz!!!!! So we do everything in the branch. Tithing, direct the meetings, give talks, literally everything! it is great. An apostle is coming in February! I will probably see Jake Foster!
    We went to Pizza Hut in Mazate today and I saw the Steelers game! The truth is that you can´t beat a flea flicker. Well done Tom Brady. Also saw the Packers highlights! One day God is going to make the Steelers go to the Super bowl like a million times!!!!
    Go matt Ryan! 
last pic with Elder Zavala before changes

Bryson had his suit embroidered with the Guatemala flag, the Gallagher Family Crest and the Ireland Flag

One last pic with his zone in Reu before changes
Making "liquados" with President Martineau

"President Marineau tickling the ivories" haha!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Week #74-Juice Box Boy

Sorry because of the transfers today they didn´t give us any time to write until right now! But I have an hour. My new companion is cool! His name is Elder Martineau (I think that´s how you spell it) he´s from Spanish Fork!  
     Ha ha I don´t know if you have ever seen Kicking and Screaming with Will Feral and I think Terry Bradshaw is in it too. But when Mike Ditka gets in a fight with Will Feral, Will Feral calls him Juice Box Boy because he´s the assistant coach and Mike Ditka gets mad and walks away and Will says ´´Everybody say bye to juice box boy!´´ But every time Elder Zavala got cocky I would call him juice box boy. Anyways, I have changes and I am going to this awesome area called La Maquina, the machine in English, and I am the mission's the juice box boy, haha!.  The place is hot. But it´ll be fun. I´m senior companion so I am in charge of all the missionary work kind of stuff and Elder Martineau is the branch president so he´s in charge of all the bishop kind of stuff! It is like a really far away area and there is pretty much nothing there. We are part of the Mazate Lincoln zone but we are like the farthest area away. The branch isn´t even part of a stake. It is like it´s own little unit that is owned by the mission. It is the only branch that is like that in the whole mission!  
    We baptized L which was cool! We didn´t have a lot of support from the ward but she got baptized haha! It was pretty good. I hope that the rest of her family that we were teaching can get baptized one day too. She didn´t want to bare her testimony haha! The bishop and his counselors said they couldn´t come so that kind of sucks, but it was alright. The baptism was good! Luckily I got my record of baptizing with every companion in every area!
    It was sad saying goodbye to the C family but Elder Zavala is training which is cool so maybe the family is prepared for him and his new companion. The guy who is taking my place as district leader is this dude named Elder Lopez who has 3 months in the mission from Honduras! He was in my district and he is dope. 
     Ha ha six field goals should get the Steelers past the Patriots! We´ll see how it goes! Maybe James Harrison will end up killing Tom Brady! And when the Steelers played them earlier in the season they didn´t have Ben right?! Now they are going to the Super bowl for sure! I bet it´ll be Steelers Falcons Superbowl! 
     Send me snow haha! Because i am going to the freaking desert! But we´ll see how long I´m there.
    Love you!!!!!!!
On a tuc tuc ride

with the C family

L's baptism

Selfie with the juice box boy

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Week #73-Que Onda

hey mom what a great week! There is sometimes freezing rain in San Marcos they say but I have never seen it! (I told Bryson that Church got canceled in Utah because of freezing rain) But we had a pretty good week! L is ready to go this week! She is so cool! But we just got to get her interviewed this week and then to the water! 
     But yeah everything is going good. We had really spiritual lesson with the C family and my companion and I told them that if they really want to know the truth they are going to have to do more! They always do their commitments but I don´t know if they do it with all the fervor that they need to do it with! But K started crying when we were talking about that. We told them that if they do not do what they need to do before today, that we are going to stop visiting them! 
     Did I tell you the story about Elder Zapata and how we said that he was from Africa and that he eats little kids. So Elder Zapata is this guy in my district who is way awesome! But we went on exchanges and he came to my area to work with me and there is a group of kids that always follows us around. Zapata is from Guadalajara but he speaks a little bit of English because he learned on the mission. He came for the first time and came up with the idea that we would tell the kids that it was his first day in the mission and that he is from Africa and that he didn´t speak Spanish. So Zapata just talked to me in English to communicate. So we told the kids that rocks in Africa are money so they started giving him rocks and stuff. But then some kids started messing around with him and I told them that if they mess around with him that he will eat them because that´s what they do in Africa. So they got real quiet and I told one of them to touch his bag and he was way scared but finally he did it and Zapata grabbed him and started biting him! The kid started freaking out and all the people think he is a savage! It was so funny. I told them that he got sent to Africa for eating a kid and they believe me haha!  It is pretty funny! 
   We went to Champerico, that's why we are writing late and that is why I´m not writing a lot! 
Elder Johnson and I gave a message last week at the zone conference about how to have fun in the mission. It was pretty good ha ha! I love that kid. But anyways we are going to meet with the C family right now! So I will tell you how everything goes next week! We have interviews with President tomorrow so that will be fun but love you! Have a good week! 
   Love you! Steelers are going to destroy! 

Showing off his 5 O'clock shadow

District at Champerico

Zone at Champerico

writing in the sand at the beach in Champerico

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week #72-Chow Mein

Hey mom! Happy New Year! It was literally the most boring new year of all time! We slept and then when the fireworks started going off we woke up and then slept again haha!
     It was a really good week! It actually started out really bad. We went with the C Family to teach them and they surprised us and told us that they had gone to Xela to the temple there and they showed us the pictures and stuff. We had already explained what goes on in the temple more or less and why we have them and why not just anybody can go in. But they were still a little sad that they couldn´t go in haha! I told them that they could but they needed to do what God wants them to do first. Anyways then they started freaking about how we don´t baptize people in rivers like Jesus was baptized. Like, we baptize in rivers too, but they started getting way mad because we have a baptismal font in the Church! I literally didn´t know what to say. I don´t even know why they cared so much because they were baptized when they were babies in a church where they sprinkled water on their heads, so I didn´t really understand. Then we explained to them the  way we get baptized is the important part and where really isn´t so much important and they understood but still they seem to just be making up excuses not to get baptized. My companion and I were going to take a break from teaching them for a while but we went on exchanges with the assistants and they told us that we couldn´t drop them yet. I wasn´t in the last lesson with them so I don´t know how they are. But we will see if they are really humble enough to do it soon.
      Other good news! L accepted a baptismal date for the 14th which is really cool! We asked her why she wanted to get baptized in our Church and she said that it is because she believes it is the only true Church, which was awesome because there are a lot off members here that can´t seem to grasp that concept very well! But she is doing awesome! She lives with her cousins who are really awesome members. She doesn´t have parents and her brother is a less active! It will be cool when she gets baptized! 
     But I went on exchanges with this guy from my district named Elder Zapata. He is such a good missionary. He is 25 and he has only been a member for like 2 years and a half and he is going to finish his mission in May. He is a great teacher and I always learn a lot from him. Anyways so we were walking home because we had finished the day and it was like 9ish. We were a couple of blocks from our house and this drunk guy started talking to us and when we started to walk away from him he got mad and started following me to punch me but he was wasted out of his mind and like 5´4'´ but he was eating an apple and decided that he would throw it at me but he missed but hit Elder Zapata square in the head which was way funny! But Zapata got really mad and said ´´Ahora sí te parto la madre!!!´´ Which means something like ´´I´m going to kick your butt stupid idiot´´ but more graphic haha! And he starts walking to beat up the bolo! But stopped himself and grabbed his name tag and said ´´Soy misionero´´. But it was so funny. I thought he was going to kill the drunk guy. And the people who were on the street thought so too! But it kind of reminded me about the part in The Other Guys where Will Ferrell gets flash backs of when he was Gator haha! Anyways it was a good week! 
There is this lady that we pay 400 Quetz to make us food and her food is the worst, also the Guatemalans make Chow Mein that is literally the worst thing that I have ever tried in the world, so we always have to take bags to lunch and put the food in the bag when she isn't looking because it is so bad. 
     love you! Also a word of advice! You need to set aside any sort of love that you have for the Dolphins mom! That was the past! They are the enemy now!  Anyways love you!! I have got to go! Have a great week! Go Steelers! Dolphins suck! 
New neighborhood being built and their selling point is that they will have electricity, haha!