Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Week #71-Jason Pierre Paul

Subject line explanation: Jason Pierre Paul is an NFL player for the New York Giants who blew his finger off while playing with fireworks in July of 2015. In Guatemala, they celebrate Christmas with fireworks.

´´Blast this Christmas music, it´s joyful and triumphant.´´ If anyone can name that movie I will give them nothing. But Christmas was great this year! I seriously can´t believe it was my last Christmas (like the song) with my people! I seriously love all of the great Guatemalan people, even though they give me disgusting tamales that literally taste like mushy death. I did miss the snow but I ate some things called granizadas (shaved ice) and those kind of remind me of snow when they are getting made. 
     Well I am still so happy about the C family and a little bit sad at the same time! So like I told you when we were fasting so that they received an answer to their prayers, they got an answer to their prayers! It is like fasting actually works! Like that time when I fasted that the Steelers would beat the Ravens back at home and then they did win (still not sure if that´s a sin yet)! It´s more reliable than going blacks on the roulette table. Anyways we asked them that now that they had gotten their answer to their prayers if they would finally get baptized and they said no! What the hecken Keller? But it is good stuff! Hopefully they get baptized soon. It just goes to show you that it doesn´t matter if God came down from Heaven and said that the Church was true on 60 Minutes (I love 60 Minutes), I don´t think it would change a lot of people´s minds. 
     We found L which was awesome! She lives in like freaking Vietnam! She lives so far away from the city but she is pretty cool! Her husband is the guy who is a narco  (a narcotics dealer) and then the other gangsters killed him in September! Well she said that she wants to go to Church with us because some member of the Church told her that when the young lads with white shirts and ties passed by her house that she needed to listen to them and go to church with them! Brilliant! Anyways she couldn´t come to Church yesterday because Christmas morning everyone is more wasted than left over salad and there is no transportation.. 
      I really love this place though! I am going to miss the weird traditions. Jesus was born and he lives! And he is still guiding his Church!  Also thank everyone for all of the gifts that I received!  I´ll try to email all of them today! But I hope you enjoyed Christmas! I´m sure you did because the Steelers are the AFC North Champs!!! As Titan said once ´´Whoo hooo!!! Party time!!!!´´ So I saw the Steelers highlights today in McDonalds! they even had an interview with  Coach Tomlin in English! But Tomlin had a shirt on that said Hold Down. I want that shirt. Was that freakin Eric Weddle that got served by Brown? Oh my goodness, Weddle got served!!
     Love all of you!!! Thanks for everything!!! Happy new year! But love you! Have a good week! Lets hope the Steelers beat the Browns! haha, just kidding. Nobody cares.
Our family picture

Bryson Being "Fancy"

Guatemalan Roman Candles-there are 80 shots in one!

Firecracker blew the metal off his ring

Wooden Manger scene that a ward member sent Bryson

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