Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Week #70-Sports Clips

I miss that place so much. I was literally going to die from the heat last night when I was trying to sleep and I remembered that at Sports Clips in the summer they would put the cold towels on our face. I dreamed about that.
     We had a really fun, hard working week. We found 23 new investigators this week but somehow only one went to church! I honestly don´t know what is happening! We are working so hard and finding so many people and we have no baptisms! But it´s okay we are going to see some good stuff happen! I hope! 
     Funny story. I went to Champerico on exchanges with a newer missionary named Elder Pedersen. He is pretty cool.  But we found a 78 year old guy who has a 7 year old great grandson and he also has a son who is 5 YEARS OLD!!!! I don´t know if that is comprehendable to you, but it is not that surprising here. I almost crapped me pants when I heard it though. The kids GREAT UNCLE is younger than him! That is like one of grandma´s brothers being younger than me. 
     Okay also there are two MVP´s (other than Kevin Durrant´s mom) Elder Lee.  He is the secretary in the office and he managed to recover my Halloween package and the package that I got from the Cochran´s from the depths of the Guatemalan Mail Service. And the other MVP is Hermana Normand who came all the way down from San Marcos carrying the packages that José had brought from Utah. Also I think she was sick when she did it so bonus points in Heaven for them. 
      The Calderon said that they would keep on praying for to be baptized this week which would be really cool! They went up to Xelá yesterday and they said that they were going to pass by the temple and walk around it! Tuesday we are going to go with them to see if they received an answer! Please pray for them because they need the Christmas miracle! 
      Yeimi was progressing really well and we had some great spiritual lessons with her and she said that she was going to church and we went all the way out to Nam (like Vietnam) to pick her up in the morning and she was dead asleep and would not wake up. So she didn´t go to church. 
     Anyways I got all of the packages you sent me! Thank everyone that sent me stuff! Tell the Brown family thank you so much! Also the Cochran´s and the awesome young woman that made a tie for me and everything! Also the whole Ward! I loved the picture thing that they sent me it is so cool! 
I totally opened you package and put the decorations up and took a bunch of pictures I will send you all of the pictures! I was so pumped! My companion was so happy when he saw that you sent him stuff! He felt bad because his parents didn´t send me anything! His dad has a landscaping company too! We always talk about sprinkler systems and stuff like that! So what the heck? Did the Steelers kicker make 6 field goals!? He was probably like the MVP of the game! 
I will Skype at 4 o´clock!!!! my companion wants to skype for a while ha ha! He has a brother that is serving in the mission in Coban Guatemala and they left at the same time and they want to try to talk to each other too.
     I got permission from Elder Stiener to watch the Ravens´ Steelers game with you Sunday haha! He was just joking, but that would be nice!!!!
     Love you!!!!!  
Getting ready to drink raw eggs with lime juice and salt so investigators kids will like them, haha!

Shaving Guatemalan style

With Elder Johnson and Elder Tagg

With kids from Champerico

Drinking a mini bottle of tobasco

Holding a Christmas card with pictures of all the ward members

His Steelers Christmas decorations

Cover the Earth!! (with the Book of Mormon), ha!

Members made turtle stew
Elder Johnson, Elder Tagg, Bryson, Elder Zavala

1/2 the mission getting gifts from a friend of President and Sister Goodman. Bryson is on the back row, towards the middle, wearing a suit.

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