Monday, December 12, 2016

Week #69-Stanley Yelnats

We played soccer today and it was so hot out that it reminded me of the movie Holes. So I hope that explains the caption. Anyways I got your package which is good! I can`t wait to open the stuff! I have no idea where Josè is but I`ll figure it out! 
     We had an alright week. The familia Calderon went to church again this week but they will not accept a date to be baptized!!!! We are doing everything we can to get them baptized but I really hope they do it this year! Their daughters don`t really like us which is kind of weird because most young Guatemalan girls will do anything to be around gringos but they are really shy when they`re around us! So we talked with them and we asked them what we could do so that they talked to us and they made us drink raw eggs! Classic! They also put lime juice and salt in the cup which was a zingy surprise. It worked though! My companion threw up but I chugged it like a man. I have a video and pictures! But I left my camera so sorry! 
    We always wave to everyone when we are in the street and to all the people that pass by on their motorcycles because not a lot of people have cars here! So we waved to a guy and he waved at us and then ate dirt!!! I felt so bad!!!! He hit the back of a tuc tuc and went flying!! And nobody wears helmets here! I seriously thought that he was dead! But there were some police there so they got the ambulance there fast. I hope he didn`t die. 
      But we found some pretty cool people! People love the little cards that we give them that have the christmas theme for this year! I always pull them out and make it look like I`m gong to do a magic trick but we just end up talking to them and they get disappointed. I think I am going to stop doing that! 
So, I am always sick. I realized I will be that way until I go home haha! my poor companion as well haha! 
     Le`Veon Bell made the McDonalds cut today! I saw that he nearly got 300 yards yesterday! That must`ve been fun! I guess we'll have to root for Tom Brady this week so they beat the Ravens!
     Love you!!!! 

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