Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Week #68-Break someone's clavical!!!

Ha ha that is the greatest quote of all time. Kicking and Screaming is literally the best movie ever. Except for The Restoration! That show literally makes Elder Zavala cry every time.  
    We had a good week! It was kind of hard. The Calderon Family is so close to accepting a fecha (date)!! We literally try to get them to accept every day and they never do it! But I feel like they will this week. I´d be way happy. I seriously love that family. They have their visas to go to the US and Feliciano said that when I am back home that he wants to visit the house! But they are great people. They are so close! We have literally taught them everything! 
      We are teaching a guy named Walberto and he is like 25 and he literally does nothing all day. He is so funny but he smokes, and drinks and everything but we comes to church with us which is good. He has this tiny little dog who is so cute and he just walks around with his dog everywhere. But he was talking about some dog movie that he watched and I guess the dog´s owner dies and the dog gets really sad but he was really moved by the movie. He is a funny dude. 
      But really nothing really big happened this week. We are trying really hard to get some people with a date! But this week I feel like we are on the edge of a breakthrough! 
I saw the Steelers highlight today! I was so happy! I saw James Harrison going to town! He got a safety right? Mom the highlights for the Steelers game were so dope! Who do they play next week?
    I sent you a package! I don´t know when it will get to you. It is kind of ghetto and I threw in a bunch of stuff! 
I learned how to tie a new knot for my ties!
    Anyways love you! Write me! 
Bryson told me he would tell me when he gets home how he got this dog-it must be a sad story

New soccer jerseys that the zone got


Elder Retana-Bryson in the background

Little kids who always ask for money (notice the second kid from the left......naughty)

Cute little Guatemala boy

New knot he learned to tie


Teaching kids how to tromp (play with a top)

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