Monday, November 28, 2016

Week #67-Back To December

Yeah it is finally almost December which means that I will have Back to December stuck in my head again. ´´So this is me swallowin´ my pride standin´in front of you saying I´m sorry for tha-at night! I go back to December all the time!´´ Classic! I think that Taylor Swift should sing hymns. So that all the missionaries could listen to her on their missions.
      Anyways it was the worst week of all time! Kind of. So Luis who was going to get baptized this week got all ruined by some pastor. The pastor is from their old church and said a bunch of lies about the church. He actually started fighting the pastor and told him that he was a liar and had no idea what we actually believe in. He was not even affected by the pastor but his parents were so they told us that we couldn't visit him anymore! We were so sad. My companion was really, really sad. This will also be my first transfer without baptizing which is also really hard. But poor Luis! Hopefully when he´s 18 he will go to church with us. 
    The Calderon Family finally understood the whole you need the Preisthood to baptize thing! Then also the dad of the family Feliciano, started teaching some of his neighbors about the Book of Mormon! He is so awesome! I sometimes don´t understand why people have such strong testimonies and don´t get baptized! Oh well I know that they will get baptized.
    The new Christmas video from the Church is brilliant! I loved it! I hope all the members actually do the 25 days of service thing. But we will see! 
     For Pday today we cleaned the house ha ha! We let the house get really dirty! It is awful! But now it is really clean. If the President came to check the house I bet he would kill us. But not anymore. Anyways we are buying like soccer jerseys as a zone and it has our name and our number. Do you know what number I chose? 33!!!! Because that is the year the Steelers were established and the year that your dad was born. I love that number. 
    On thanksgiving we just ate together as a zone. Then I went to Champerico to do an interview with some missionary from Mexico and we ate pizza and saw a little little bit of the steelers game! They made like an awesome goal line stop.  Glad the Steelers won! I saw a little bit at McDonalds today!
     I thought up of a new way to contact. So you walk in the street and the trip in front of the person that is walking towards you on purpose and then they stop to help you then you say ´´I´m okay because I know that because of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice, that it doesn´t matter how many times I fall, I can always get back up.´´ It works! Sometimes. It isn´t my best idea but cut me some slack. I have never been really creative. 
 Love you!!! Email me!!!!! Happy Yom Kippur! 

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