Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Week #66-Todo es bueno

Hey mom! This week was not the best week of all time but it was alright! Well I guess not, it actually was a pretty bad week! So L and G are the people that we put a fecha (date) with last week and a pastor from the church that they went to before, showed up and started preaching stupid things. L is still going to get baptized but he said he wanted to do it a little later and we couldn´t talk him out of procrastinating, so it´ll have to be the 3rd of December. Also we had a really hard lesson with the C family yesterday. They have been really positive and stuff, but last night we visited them with some members and they got way offended when we taught the doctrine of baptism by the authority!!! The dad asked me if we thought that his baptism was valid and we had to be really nice in saying no. But I don´t get it why would be talking about them getting baptized so much if we thought their baptism was valid. I don´t get it.
     The phrase that I´ve heard most in my mission is ´´todo es bueno´´. I guess it is in the Bible somewhere, but everyone thinks that everything is good!!! So they think all the churches in the world are like great and everything is from God. It is hard for them to understand one True Church kind of thing. But oh well.
    My companion and I climbed a water tower and when we got to the top I think I peed a little. Before we climbed it a guy told me not to pass out when I got to the top and that obviously did not help me. My companion was pretty freaked out too! But it was worth it for the selfie!!! 
    Okay I don´t know if I have told you but the people here, when you pray, also pray along with you but they whisper! It is actually really scary. So anyways we were giving a lesson to a pair of really unpositive people that we had contacted and while my companion was praying I started whispering as well!!! My companion totally lost his composure and started laughing a little bit durning the prayer! I couldn´t believe it! I thought he could handle it! But anyways it was really funny.
     That was awesome to hear about James Harrison. He is literally my favorite of all time after Mel Blount. Enjoy the snow! I am here in a freaking oven 24/7. We went to Champerico today for P day and it was really fun! we played water polo in the ocean..................... Psych ha ha we didn´t do that but we did play soccer on the beach. I still suck at soccer but I am getting better. I took a picture of a witch casting a spell. It was dope. 
    Love you!!!!!!Happy Thanksgiving.
Champerico-the beloved "tag pic"

They thought it was a turtle......turned out to be a crab

"The only action we'll get on our mission" haha!

Bryson with his comp, Elder Zavala

Elder Tagg with a Guatemalan Lifeguard chair........It's a broken chair tied to a stick, haha!

Horse on the beach

View from water tower

Selfie on water tower

witch casting a spell on the beach

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