Monday, November 14, 2016

Week #65-TRUMP!! TRUMP!! TRUMP!!

Ha ha the whole latin world is going insane becasue Trump won! I knew that he could do it! Finally America will be free again! haha just kidding I have no idea what is going to happen but I wouldn´t be surpised if  all Mexican's end up in a Mexican jail haha. So we were in the Gospel Principles class yesterday and we were talking about how when we are in the Millenium that Jesus will establish his perfect government. The teacher asked me how I thought that government would be and I said ´´almost as good as the government under Donald Trump!!!!´´ Nobody laughed except for Elder Zavala. they were actually pretty mad haha. Anyways the morning after he won we went to go to a news paper stand to see who won! And we saw Trump and I cracked a smile. Then some guy that was there said ´´It looks like the prophesies of the Book of Revelations are being fulfilled´´ I asked him which ones had, he had no idea what to say haha! But people hate him here.
     We went contacting a few weeks ago and we found an AWESOME old lady. She is the greatest. But she has a little grandchild who is like one year old and he looks like Adolf Hitler. Anyway, the grandma is getting baptized on the 26th, and so is her other grandson. My companion put both of the fechas (dates) SOLO, he is the best. We follow that pattern that David M. R. Covey taught us and it works like more than half of the time. It is the best. 
      Well the Calderon family finally came to church yesterday for the first time! It was awesome! They liked it! They just need to accept a date for baptism! 
    We are teaching this guy named C. he is our ward mission leader´s dad and he had a dream that there were a bunch of books on a table and that God showed him a blue book called ´´El Libro de Mormón´´ And told him that he couldn´t fight against it and that has a special purpose in the last days! But the dude refuses to get baptized! Real faith comes through the Holy Ghost and not through dreams. God practically told him that he needed to be baptized in the Church and he won´t do it! What the yams? I want a dream like that. But I don´t need a dream like that I guess. Anyways I don´t know if you remember that President Anderson told me that my investigators would have dreams about the restoration when he set me apart. Fulfillment of blessing! It isn´t the first time it has happened either! 
    I love my mission. I love my companion. I love Donald Trump. If only the Steelers would have won. I propose a Church wide fast so that the Steelers go to the superbowl. I think that many people would be converted.
     Love you! 
"destroying the Jehova's Witnesses"

Elder Zavala sleeping on the bus

Elder Zavala teaching kids how to skateboard

Bryson helping a family get bananas

Tuc Tuc parade

Bryson: "I blame this statue for all the breasts I've seen on my mission"

Towel of the Virgin Mary

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