Monday, November 7, 2016

Week #64-3................Hunna

Hey mom! We had a pretty good week. I seriously love working with Elder Zavala! He is the most laid back dude of all time. He does whatever but he is so funny. We came up with the greatest way to contact! We go to the park (which is also the Catholic chuch) and we have a sign that says free shoe shines and then we shine the peoples shoes for free and while one of us is shining the shoes the other teaches them a lesson and gets their numbers and stuff.
    Anyways so we have a family that we´re teaching right now that is awesome! They told us all week that they were going to church this Sunday and then they dropped stones Sunday morning when we called them. And I think I know why. So the parents really love us and they think that we´re awesome. But the daughters are a little more.... shy. To try to get more confidence with the daughters we had a family home evening and for the game we brought Uno. So we were playing Uno and having a good time and the girls were finally talking to us and everything and the younger one farted in front of us! She was so embarassed. But I was thinking I would do like a Billy Madison type of deal and fart as well just to play it off but then I realized that I had really bad diarrhea and you just never know here. But do you remember that part in Billy Madison? The old lady says ´´If peeing your pants is cool, then consider me Miles Davis.´´ what a classic line.
It was raining really hard yesterday and we were walking on the side of the road but the people try to splash you with water in their cars if you walk on the side of the road so we went a little bit over to this little like wall thing that has like trenches on both sides. So I was walking on that like it was a balance beam and I slipped so freaking hard and ate crap!!!!! It was so funny! I literally think that an angel saved my life and made it so I didn´t fall as hard as I could have! But I fell into the trench of disgusting street water and got so wet! And my shirt was literally green from the moss that was on the little wall. But it was funny. Then after that we were passing by a crime scene and I realized that in Guatemala you can pretty much do whatever you want. So some dudes killed a bus driver and the police didn´t even like tape off the scene or anything! We just walked right by and my companion took pictures and the police didn´t even care! We could have taken a selfie with the dead body and I don´t think anybody would care.
So the Evangelicos are like really gulible so we can tell them that we have the power of God to control the dogs. So one of us says ´´get thee hence dogs!!'' and then the other one has a high pitched dog remote in his hands and then the dogs run away. so they think that we are like really powerful and they listen to us easier. Also!!! Christian, from my last area, got bapzited this week! I was so happy! 
But I had a dream last night and I saw that the Steelers record was 4-4 so I knew that they lost! That is too bad. Anyways my companion wants any gummy candy. So like Sour Patch or lo que sea. 
    But love you write me! 

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