Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week #63-Vape Bro

 Hey so I will never understand how you always know when I have changes. It makes no sense! But anyways I returned to Reu. It was the most busy week of my life. I am really sad that I had to leave San Luis because the worst thing is that Elder Santamaria also left! I am so sad. I hope that the investigators still get baptized there. Sometimes I don´t trust other missionaries. But whatever. We said goodbye to some of them. We had like two hours to say goodbye because they told us at like 1030 that we had transfers. I was also sad to say goodbye to Elder santamaria! He was a great missionary.
     But I am back in the freaking center of Reu which is awesome. It is in the middle of the city. If you want to know where we live, Search the giant catholic church and then look for Hotel Astor and we live like right next to that place. We have the greatest house of all time. It has a freaking hot tub in the bathroom. But my new companion is from......... ARIZONA!!!!!!! I was so pumped he is my first companion that speaks english! I love him! I am training him too so that is fun! He is way cool! But we are opening up Reu 1! So we didn´t know anybody and we got lost a lot but it was still fun! But the nurses were in this area before so they pretty much never worked in it! But we have a lot of great investigators already. They are mainly Catholic here which is way better because Catholics are usually a little more...... smarter. But I love it here. I Am also district leader of a really awesome district! The district is stacked! It has awesome missionaries. But my companion and I are the only gringos.
      Anyways I will tell you a good story. So I was shoppping in the super market my first day and I saw that they were selling egg nog (Rompope in spanish) so I was pumped so I bought it! So I started drinking it and I really didn´t like it that much but it was 20 quetz so I didn´t want to waste it. So I kept drinking it and it was really awful. So I started reading the label and I was filled with horror! There was a little red ribbon that said ´´4% alcoh√≥lico´´ which means that the eggnog had alcohol! I had litterally never tried alcohol in my entire life and who would´ve known that the first time would be on my mission!!!! Classic! 
     But it was a really great week! I love my companion! He is the greatest and he really wants to baptize! because he already has like a month and a half in the mission and he hasn´t baptized so we are going to go to town!!!!!
    Love you! write me! 
Bad Eggnogg

Bryson's new "hot tub"

Bryson's new kitchen


That big toe needs to get fixed, haha!

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