Monday, October 24, 2016

Week #62-Fresher Than Daydreams

 just started a new stick of Old Spice and I saw that it says that on the cap and I thought it was pretty funny. We had a fun week!
    So the good news is that Do and Cr going to get baptized! I just told my companion that we had to go yams and just put as many fechas (baptismal dates) with everyone! Even the dogs ( but Du and Cr aren't dogs)!!! But yeah it was really cool. Du is a member's husband and he was really catholic his whole life but then his mom died and nobody forced him to go to the catholic church anymore which is good because his wife went to the catholic church with him for 5 years. But now she said that because the mom died that he needs to go to the true Church haha! But he is a good guy. Cr is cool. He can't read and usually the people who can't read just feel like they can't understand anything so they don't listen but he wants to change his life. He used to  be a drunk but he's been better for a while. We still have to get him married to his wife and everything but we'll do it this week. We want to baptize his wife too but thanks to her mom (Satan) we can't. They live with the mom and she hates the church for some reason. Cr told us yesterday when he came to church that they were making fun of him! What idiots.
     Anyways we went to an enchanted waterfall today in the morning with some investigators that we were trying to baptize! Anyways everythig is awesome. Like the lego movie song.
     I saw the Steelers lost. I am losing hope in the Pepsi thing. I think I will move on to blood sacrifices and see if that works!
    Love you! Write me!
Triumphant with his machete

One hour hike to a waterfall

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