Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Hello mom! Here in Guatemala we say ´´hooooooyyyy´´ to greet people it is kind of fun. Anyways I totally baptized in a river this week and it turns out my companion took pictures!!!! Why would he take pictures of the actual baptism!? I think it was illegal but there is no sin in ignorance right? I´ll send you the picture!
     So yesterday we brought this cool family to church! So we were walking down the main street in San Luis to the church and I saw off in the distance a golden Toyota driving towards us. I knew that car from a mile away (literally my vision is incredible). But it was President´s car. And the worst part of it was that my companion and I had been called by our bishop 15 minutes before sacrament meeting to give talks! What bad luck. I was so scared! Anways we gave the talks and I probably gave the best talk I have ever given in Spanish! What a blessing.
    So the stupid dog that always leaves with us just walks around peeing everywhere and it makes all of the hood-rat dogs mad! And at night the dogs get so mad! So my companion and I were walking home and this huge gang of dogs came out of no where and started attacking us! But because you refuse to buy me a slingshot from the US I have to use one from Guatemala which sucks because they break all of the time!  But my companion and I went yams on the dogs and hit like fifty! It was like a movie! I had never had more adrenaline in my entire life! 
     Also here in Guatemala the pastors preach on the buses and try to get some money. So we got on a bus and there was a midget preaching repentance on the bus! It was quite the sight. Also the buses only have evangelico music which is terrible so the midget was preaching and the crazy rock song was playing, saying ´´ALELUYA´´. It was actually really cool but kind of strange.
    Anways I ate Tacobell today and talked to some girl from LA about the Gospel and she accepted the missionaries but I´m not from her area! We also spoke in English! I love english but I don´t like to teach in english. 
   Love you!!!!
He finally got to baptize in the river, he was so excited!!

The family all sat on rocks for the baptism

Vaina (sheath) with last name

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