Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week #60-Hello!!!

Hello mom! I realized yesterday that there are two types of people in the world: the folders and the ballers. That is the people who fold their toilet paper and the people that ball it up. I used to be a baller but I realized that folders are a lot more conservative! Anyways I thought you would like to know that I am now a folder and I have saved thousands on toilet paper.
     So it looks like we are going to baptize Sandra this Saturday. Her mom wants her to do it in a river so that would be really cool. I have always wanted to baptize in a river! Like the church video where John the Baptist baptizes  Jesus.  He has like his weird fur on and everything. I think I will go look for some fur to wear. I imagine that I could wear fur to baptize if it is white right?
      Well I won't lie it was kind of a boring week. Things happened but I don't know what to say. We got a bishop finally in our ward!  I think he will do great.  He was called of God.
     We had the first real free P Day I have ever had in my life so I went with my companion to San Felipe and then there was a bus that was going to this place call Palmar which is one of the farthest parts of the zone so we went! It was insane because we had no idea where we were! But it was worth it! It was kind of fun.
     I saw the Steelers ate the Jets lunch! That is good! I also saw that the Ravens lost and that the Browns lost haha! I think the Browns are cursed to be the worst team of all time forever because when we went to Cleveland they were so disrespectful! they are all a bunch of losers.
     Love you!!! 
AM crunch wrap

drinking coconut milk

They made a rope pulley system to get the coconuts down

Eating chocolate covered strawberries

Investigator climbed a tree to get them coconuts

Why is the investigators daughter holding a machete??

Machete Bryson bought

the girl who lives in front of them found his old Instagram, saw that he likes Taylor Swift and bought him these pins.

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