Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week #59-John Cougar Mellencamp

 I was wondering today if his real middle name is Cougar or is that is just a nickname that he put. Then I started wondering why is that his name. Maybe he is a BYU fan. Or maybe he likes old good looking woman. That´d be cool if he was a BYU fan though maybe he is Mormon! Somebody should look into that. Anyways I had that Little Pink Houses song stuck in my head. What a classic.
    Conference was awesome! Usually I get bored from the talks that the 70´s and the woman give but their talks were so great too! President Monson looked like a prancing Stallion! Such vigor! But it was in spanish which I hate. I love english so much more! But you guys can´t understand until you leave Utah how the people see The Prophet and Apostles. They love them so much and they think they are living miracles! Because they are! It means so much for hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans as well as people all over the world that we have people that talk with God who are leading the Church. 
    We also baptized B! It was a great day. I guess we weren´t supposed to baptize on conference weekend but nobody told me! So we did it! ´´And decreased the surplus population!!!´´ Her family also is reactivated! What a blessing! her dad used to be what we call a ´´bolo´´ which means guy that is always drunk. But God worked miracles and he now has the Aaronic Priesthood! I´ll send pics! 
    Funny story. So I had not drank a sip of coke this whole week because the week before I drank coke three times and the Steelers got destroyed! Anyways last night they offered us a two liter of coke and I almost drank some but then the Spirit told me that I needed to drink water! So I did it!! And the Steelers destoyed because of it. I have no idea why it works but it does. I am a Belieber. 
     Love you! Write me! Also I want to know if my fantasy team won!!! And look up if John Mellencamp is Mormon! 
Doesn't she look beautiful?

Hugging her little brother who "saw God and he is a stuffed animal"

B's family at baptism

Some girls he baptized a month ago have a pic of Bryson on their wall, haha!
When you hold your hand out like that it means "mother"

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