Monday, October 24, 2016

Week #62-Fresher Than Daydreams

 just started a new stick of Old Spice and I saw that it says that on the cap and I thought it was pretty funny. We had a fun week!
    So the good news is that Do and Cr going to get baptized! I just told my companion that we had to go yams and just put as many fechas (baptismal dates) with everyone! Even the dogs ( but Du and Cr aren't dogs)!!! But yeah it was really cool. Du is a member's husband and he was really catholic his whole life but then his mom died and nobody forced him to go to the catholic church anymore which is good because his wife went to the catholic church with him for 5 years. But now she said that because the mom died that he needs to go to the true Church haha! But he is a good guy. Cr is cool. He can't read and usually the people who can't read just feel like they can't understand anything so they don't listen but he wants to change his life. He used to  be a drunk but he's been better for a while. We still have to get him married to his wife and everything but we'll do it this week. We want to baptize his wife too but thanks to her mom (Satan) we can't. They live with the mom and she hates the church for some reason. Cr told us yesterday when he came to church that they were making fun of him! What idiots.
     Anyways we went to an enchanted waterfall today in the morning with some investigators that we were trying to baptize! Anyways everythig is awesome. Like the lego movie song.
     I saw the Steelers lost. I am losing hope in the Pepsi thing. I think I will move on to blood sacrifices and see if that works!
    Love you! Write me!
Triumphant with his machete

One hour hike to a waterfall

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Hello mom! Here in Guatemala we say ´´hooooooyyyy´´ to greet people it is kind of fun. Anyways I totally baptized in a river this week and it turns out my companion took pictures!!!! Why would he take pictures of the actual baptism!? I think it was illegal but there is no sin in ignorance right? I´ll send you the picture!
     So yesterday we brought this cool family to church! So we were walking down the main street in San Luis to the church and I saw off in the distance a golden Toyota driving towards us. I knew that car from a mile away (literally my vision is incredible). But it was President´s car. And the worst part of it was that my companion and I had been called by our bishop 15 minutes before sacrament meeting to give talks! What bad luck. I was so scared! Anways we gave the talks and I probably gave the best talk I have ever given in Spanish! What a blessing.
    So the stupid dog that always leaves with us just walks around peeing everywhere and it makes all of the hood-rat dogs mad! And at night the dogs get so mad! So my companion and I were walking home and this huge gang of dogs came out of no where and started attacking us! But because you refuse to buy me a slingshot from the US I have to use one from Guatemala which sucks because they break all of the time!  But my companion and I went yams on the dogs and hit like fifty! It was like a movie! I had never had more adrenaline in my entire life! 
     Also here in Guatemala the pastors preach on the buses and try to get some money. So we got on a bus and there was a midget preaching repentance on the bus! It was quite the sight. Also the buses only have evangelico music which is terrible so the midget was preaching and the crazy rock song was playing, saying ´´ALELUYA´´. It was actually really cool but kind of strange.
    Anways I ate Tacobell today and talked to some girl from LA about the Gospel and she accepted the missionaries but I´m not from her area! We also spoke in English! I love english but I don´t like to teach in english. 
   Love you!!!!
He finally got to baptize in the river, he was so excited!!

The family all sat on rocks for the baptism

Vaina (sheath) with last name

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Week #60-Hello!!!

Hello mom! I realized yesterday that there are two types of people in the world: the folders and the ballers. That is the people who fold their toilet paper and the people that ball it up. I used to be a baller but I realized that folders are a lot more conservative! Anyways I thought you would like to know that I am now a folder and I have saved thousands on toilet paper.
     So it looks like we are going to baptize Sandra this Saturday. Her mom wants her to do it in a river so that would be really cool. I have always wanted to baptize in a river! Like the church video where John the Baptist baptizes  Jesus.  He has like his weird fur on and everything. I think I will go look for some fur to wear. I imagine that I could wear fur to baptize if it is white right?
      Well I won't lie it was kind of a boring week. Things happened but I don't know what to say. We got a bishop finally in our ward!  I think he will do great.  He was called of God.
     We had the first real free P Day I have ever had in my life so I went with my companion to San Felipe and then there was a bus that was going to this place call Palmar which is one of the farthest parts of the zone so we went! It was insane because we had no idea where we were! But it was worth it! It was kind of fun.
     I saw the Steelers ate the Jets lunch! That is good! I also saw that the Ravens lost and that the Browns lost haha! I think the Browns are cursed to be the worst team of all time forever because when we went to Cleveland they were so disrespectful! they are all a bunch of losers.
     Love you!!! 
AM crunch wrap

drinking coconut milk

They made a rope pulley system to get the coconuts down

Eating chocolate covered strawberries

Investigator climbed a tree to get them coconuts

Why is the investigators daughter holding a machete??

Machete Bryson bought

the girl who lives in front of them found his old Instagram, saw that he likes Taylor Swift and bought him these pins.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week #59-John Cougar Mellencamp

 I was wondering today if his real middle name is Cougar or is that is just a nickname that he put. Then I started wondering why is that his name. Maybe he is a BYU fan. Or maybe he likes old good looking woman. That´d be cool if he was a BYU fan though maybe he is Mormon! Somebody should look into that. Anyways I had that Little Pink Houses song stuck in my head. What a classic.
    Conference was awesome! Usually I get bored from the talks that the 70´s and the woman give but their talks were so great too! President Monson looked like a prancing Stallion! Such vigor! But it was in spanish which I hate. I love english so much more! But you guys can´t understand until you leave Utah how the people see The Prophet and Apostles. They love them so much and they think they are living miracles! Because they are! It means so much for hundreds of thousands of Guatemalans as well as people all over the world that we have people that talk with God who are leading the Church. 
    We also baptized B! It was a great day. I guess we weren´t supposed to baptize on conference weekend but nobody told me! So we did it! ´´And decreased the surplus population!!!´´ Her family also is reactivated! What a blessing! her dad used to be what we call a ´´bolo´´ which means guy that is always drunk. But God worked miracles and he now has the Aaronic Priesthood! I´ll send pics! 
    Funny story. So I had not drank a sip of coke this whole week because the week before I drank coke three times and the Steelers got destroyed! Anyways last night they offered us a two liter of coke and I almost drank some but then the Spirit told me that I needed to drink water! So I did it!! And the Steelers destoyed because of it. I have no idea why it works but it does. I am a Belieber. 
     Love you! Write me! Also I want to know if my fantasy team won!!! And look up if John Mellencamp is Mormon! 
Doesn't she look beautiful?

Hugging her little brother who "saw God and he is a stuffed animal"

B's family at baptism

Some girls he baptized a month ago have a pic of Bryson on their wall, haha!
When you hold your hand out like that it means "mother"