Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week #58-Love is an Open Doooooorrrrrrrr!

I realized that is such a catchy song. I love that movie. So it was a cool week. We found three families and they are really cool except for one that we already dropped because they just started being awful ha ha. It was sad but it was alright. Yeah there are no seasons here. They say when it rains it is winter and when it is hot as cheese it is summer. But it is like that all year so I don`t get it. But we had a great week. I realized the Steelers got destroyed because 3 people offered me coke this week and I drank it.
    Anyways we may or may not have a baptism this week. The question is if they can baptize her even if it is conference weekend. I say ``then they had better do it! And decrease the surplus population!!!!!!`` But we will see tomorrow if we will be able to do it or not. We were teaching her this week (Her name is Br) and she has a little brother who is six years old. So we were teaching her and I asked her if she has ever seen God (trying to explain that prophets can see God) and she said no (of course). But her brother said completly seriously ``I`ve seen God`` and my companion laughing a little asked what God looks like. And he told us that he is a ``straight up stuffed animal`` Those are his words. It was so funny. I have no idea where he got that from but he started explaining to us how he saw God and I did not understand at all ha ha. It was so funny.
     Anyways it rained so hard this week that the street was iiterally a river and the water was up to our knees. It was so awful! We got so wet! They have the worst drainage system in Guatemala. and then people take advantage of the street becoming a river and they throw their bags of garbage into street and the rain takes it away. So that tells you what kind of water we are walking in. It is terrible.
      I am so excited for the new families that we found. They are so awesome and they all came to church this week! Just the dad of one of the families didn`t come to church. 
    The Presient told us that they want us to stay in our areas for like 5 to 7 transfers. Good week. Hopefully the Steelers pull their heads out and do something! 
    Love you! 
African Safari


Sketchy Bridge

Bryson's pink house

Nacho Libre

Edge of a waterfall


Old guys who carry wood everyday

Scary room that they never go in

Vecinos Organisado's burn people when they break the law

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