Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week #57-Where the Red Fern Grows

What a classic movie. Ha ha something just totally clicked in my mind. So we went over to a members house Monday night to eat. And she was watching the Steelers game but it was already over when we started eating. I asked her if she liked football and she told me that she doesn´t understand it but she kind of likes it. But I told her that my favorite team was the one with the black and yellow jerseys and she said that she didn´t like them because one of the players started ´´dancing like a dog´´. I didn´t pay any attention to it but I kind of get it now because Antonio Brown was twerking. Lawlzzzz!
     I was thinking about something the other day and I came to the conclusion that Niki Minaj has never made a song that anybody has ever liked in the history of all time. Except for Pills and Potions. That one is actually way catchy. 
    Anyways you are probably wondering about my caption. So we always chop wood like lumber jacks to try to get more new investigators. So we were contacting and my companion was chopping the wood. Then a huge blood blister exploded on his hand and he couldn´t do it anymore. And I was talking to one of the people from the family just making small talk (I love small talk because it turns into big talk) and I asked when his birthday was and he told me it was December 9th. I started giving him a history story about Pearl Harbor and how the Japs killed a bunch of Americans that day and as I was talking about that I raised the ax (axe?) up in the air to chop the wood and I didn´t see that there was a wire above my head. The ax got caught on the wire and instead of chopping the wood, the ax was directed into my head! I literally thought that I had cut into my brain. I thought I was going to die. But I just blacked out for like two seconds and everyone laughed at me. But I was okay. It hurt and there was a bump on my head. Anyways I think that little boy kills himself on accident with the ax in Where the Red Fern Grows but I have no idea really. Maybe that was a dream. I´ve only seen it once.
     We found an awesome family in this finca that is way far away from the center of the area but they are really cool and they hate their pastor because he is a womanizer. So they want to go to church with us. The mom is a member but she has been inactive for 20 years. But they are cool. The are afraid that the pastor will punish them for talking to us. They are all terrified of him. But they are awesome.
     I gave a talk on Sunday. I went yams. I talked for like 20 minutes. I thought it was good. it was better than my first talk in Spanish haha.
    So glad the Steelers beat the Bagels. That isn´t a typo it I just think they are the worst so they are like Bagels. Because everyone knows that bagels are the bad version of donuts. The Steelers are like donuts. I hate the Bagels because of what they did last year. 
    I can´t believe I beat TJ in fantasy football. I think I am going to go to the super bowl. You should all give me your best players to that I go to the Super bowl while I am on my mission.
   I love cats. Before the mission I only loved one cat. Quinton (the Cole´s cat that got ran over by the bus). But I love cats now. They call them mishos and mishas here ha ha! 
    Love you!!!  
"In his element"

Catching a ride because Taxi's cost too much!

Osa followed them in to the house and then slept out front-cute dog

Parade for the 15th of Sept.

Pic with Elder Kahl before he headed home
Ate dinner at a members house and saw his favorite team on the TV!!

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