Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week #55-The sausage that links us together

Saw that quote today and it was really funny and  I don´t know why. Today I had ´´I went to the year 3000. Not much has changed but we live under water. And your great, great, great grandaughter is doin fine´´ stuck in my head ha ha! I miss the Jonas Brothers. They were pure in heart.
    Tell me how Pokémon Go is doing in the US. I hope you are playing it. I would totally play it and I would only use Diglet.  He is the best Pokémon from what I have seen. Good stuff. 
    Also good week. A witch tried to put a curse on my companion and our baptisimal date fell through! It kind of sucked but we brought 5 people to the stake conference, I may or may not have fallen asleep on accident. 
     I have no time to write anymore, but I will at least give you a brief summary of what stuck out to me! So that is pretty much it! Love you and i will send you pictures!!!! Also we went to McDonalds today and we heard Blank Space and Wildest Dreams and Elder Goldsberry was so shocked about Wildest Dreams. He left on the mission when Taylor Swift was pure. He loves Taylor Swift as well. But I guess everyone does ha ha! 
But I have to go!  Love you!!! I will write you next week and try to take more pictures. They don´t really let us take our cameras around in San Luis but I will try to take it with me!!! Tell me how football goes! You can use my players for good trades for your team if you want! Love you! 
The "Harry Potter Forbidden Forest"

Turtle-The master of disguise

Volcano in his area
1/2 of the mission with Pres. Goodman-Bryson is on the front row all the way to the right

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