Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week #58-Love is an Open Doooooorrrrrrrr!

I realized that is such a catchy song. I love that movie. So it was a cool week. We found three families and they are really cool except for one that we already dropped because they just started being awful ha ha. It was sad but it was alright. Yeah there are no seasons here. They say when it rains it is winter and when it is hot as cheese it is summer. But it is like that all year so I don`t get it. But we had a great week. I realized the Steelers got destroyed because 3 people offered me coke this week and I drank it.
    Anyways we may or may not have a baptism this week. The question is if they can baptize her even if it is conference weekend. I say ``then they had better do it! And decrease the surplus population!!!!!!`` But we will see tomorrow if we will be able to do it or not. We were teaching her this week (Her name is Br) and she has a little brother who is six years old. So we were teaching her and I asked her if she has ever seen God (trying to explain that prophets can see God) and she said no (of course). But her brother said completly seriously ``I`ve seen God`` and my companion laughing a little asked what God looks like. And he told us that he is a ``straight up stuffed animal`` Those are his words. It was so funny. I have no idea where he got that from but he started explaining to us how he saw God and I did not understand at all ha ha. It was so funny.
     Anyways it rained so hard this week that the street was iiterally a river and the water was up to our knees. It was so awful! We got so wet! They have the worst drainage system in Guatemala. and then people take advantage of the street becoming a river and they throw their bags of garbage into street and the rain takes it away. So that tells you what kind of water we are walking in. It is terrible.
      I am so excited for the new families that we found. They are so awesome and they all came to church this week! Just the dad of one of the families didn`t come to church. 
    The Presient told us that they want us to stay in our areas for like 5 to 7 transfers. Good week. Hopefully the Steelers pull their heads out and do something! 
    Love you! 
African Safari


Sketchy Bridge

Bryson's pink house

Nacho Libre

Edge of a waterfall


Old guys who carry wood everyday

Scary room that they never go in

Vecinos Organisado's burn people when they break the law

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week #57-Where the Red Fern Grows

What a classic movie. Ha ha something just totally clicked in my mind. So we went over to a members house Monday night to eat. And she was watching the Steelers game but it was already over when we started eating. I asked her if she liked football and she told me that she doesn´t understand it but she kind of likes it. But I told her that my favorite team was the one with the black and yellow jerseys and she said that she didn´t like them because one of the players started ´´dancing like a dog´´. I didn´t pay any attention to it but I kind of get it now because Antonio Brown was twerking. Lawlzzzz!
     I was thinking about something the other day and I came to the conclusion that Niki Minaj has never made a song that anybody has ever liked in the history of all time. Except for Pills and Potions. That one is actually way catchy. 
    Anyways you are probably wondering about my caption. So we always chop wood like lumber jacks to try to get more new investigators. So we were contacting and my companion was chopping the wood. Then a huge blood blister exploded on his hand and he couldn´t do it anymore. And I was talking to one of the people from the family just making small talk (I love small talk because it turns into big talk) and I asked when his birthday was and he told me it was December 9th. I started giving him a history story about Pearl Harbor and how the Japs killed a bunch of Americans that day and as I was talking about that I raised the ax (axe?) up in the air to chop the wood and I didn´t see that there was a wire above my head. The ax got caught on the wire and instead of chopping the wood, the ax was directed into my head! I literally thought that I had cut into my brain. I thought I was going to die. But I just blacked out for like two seconds and everyone laughed at me. But I was okay. It hurt and there was a bump on my head. Anyways I think that little boy kills himself on accident with the ax in Where the Red Fern Grows but I have no idea really. Maybe that was a dream. I´ve only seen it once.
     We found an awesome family in this finca that is way far away from the center of the area but they are really cool and they hate their pastor because he is a womanizer. So they want to go to church with us. The mom is a member but she has been inactive for 20 years. But they are cool. The are afraid that the pastor will punish them for talking to us. They are all terrified of him. But they are awesome.
     I gave a talk on Sunday. I went yams. I talked for like 20 minutes. I thought it was good. it was better than my first talk in Spanish haha.
    So glad the Steelers beat the Bagels. That isn´t a typo it I just think they are the worst so they are like Bagels. Because everyone knows that bagels are the bad version of donuts. The Steelers are like donuts. I hate the Bagels because of what they did last year. 
    I can´t believe I beat TJ in fantasy football. I think I am going to go to the super bowl. You should all give me your best players to that I go to the Super bowl while I am on my mission.
   I love cats. Before the mission I only loved one cat. Quinton (the Cole´s cat that got ran over by the bus). But I love cats now. They call them mishos and mishas here ha ha! 
    Love you!!!  
"In his element"

Catching a ride because Taxi's cost too much!

Osa followed them in to the house and then slept out front-cute dog

Parade for the 15th of Sept.

Pic with Elder Kahl before he headed home
Ate dinner at a members house and saw his favorite team on the TV!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Week #56

It was a fun week. I am wearing my Steelers tie and my steelers socks and I used my Steelers toothbrush and chapstick and I have pretty much drank only pepsi this week so I think they will win tonight and on Sunday ha ha. But yeah the BYU game was awesome! Also we have 60 minutes to write again!
So last Monday we started working at 6 like normal and I felt a little sick. Then we got home for the night and I did not want to do anything so I hurried and planned with my companion and told me to call in the numbers to the district leader. Then I went to bed. Well I had a fever and then I got really sick to my stomache and I threw up in the toilet very violently. then I needed to throw up again so I started walking to the bathroom and it turns out that my companion was going to the bathroom so I had to run  outside and throw up. But oh my goodness the houses are so close in Guatemala that pretty much every one of the neighbors heard me throw up it was so funny. Yeah I have amoebas. The people are really poor and lazy here so they never purify their water. Nobody has  heard anybody throw up so violently in the histroy of woman. But it reminded me of this story that Elder Davis told me about when some guy poisened Joseph Smith and he started throwing up so hard that his hair started falling out and he dislocated his jaw. I have no idea if that is true but it sounded true. I swear I dislocated my tibia but I´m not sure.
My house is huge, It´s also pink. but nobody cares about the color of the house here. There are bats and a ton of rats. There is so much poo.  i will take pictures. We have to shower with buckets.
Elder Goldsberry has transfers which is sad because he loves Taylor Swift and Spongebob almost as much as I do. But oh well. Maybe they will send another person that shares my passions like Elder Goldsberry haha!
We dropped all of our investigators this week because they were the worst! But we found some new ones! So we hope that everything will go better. There is so much witchcraft in my area. It is really hard. Here is some information on some new investigators. We have C. She is the daughter of some less active members who haven´t gone to church in 17 years. They live in a really far away plantation in our area. She is 17 years old and has a 3 month old son. Her boyfriend left her to suffer. They are poor and have no electicity in their house because they live on the plantation. Also M. She is 19 and really doesn´t want to repent. She has never gone to any church which is a miracle and she lives with a member and babysits the members kid. She is cool but I don´t know how she will progress. B, We found her contacting. Every member of her family are less actives. She ended up going to a church where they keep the sabbath day on Saturday. She is cool and could get baptized. Also Y.  She has gone to church like a thousand times but she has some commitmet problems so we can´t baptize her. Her dad has like 50 side chicks and has like 50 kids with 60 different women, but the mom is really cool. They aren´t married because nobody gets married in Guatemala. But they have kind of a sad family. Also D. She is a single mother of 4. Very catholic and we can´t really ever find her. Reu is poor and San luiz is a little town outside of Reu ran buy fincas! But yeah they are all really poor. They are also poor because of their religion. Everyone is freaking evangelica here. So that makes them poor because their pastors rob them!!!!
 I have to go but tell me everything about the games! Especially the game this Sunday!!! I hate the bengals after last year!!! But love you!!! have a good day!! I hope your leg feels better!! Progress!
Anyways love you guys! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week #55-The sausage that links us together

Saw that quote today and it was really funny and  I don´t know why. Today I had ´´I went to the year 3000. Not much has changed but we live under water. And your great, great, great grandaughter is doin fine´´ stuck in my head ha ha! I miss the Jonas Brothers. They were pure in heart.
    Tell me how Pokémon Go is doing in the US. I hope you are playing it. I would totally play it and I would only use Diglet.  He is the best Pokémon from what I have seen. Good stuff. 
    Also good week. A witch tried to put a curse on my companion and our baptisimal date fell through! It kind of sucked but we brought 5 people to the stake conference, I may or may not have fallen asleep on accident. 
     I have no time to write anymore, but I will at least give you a brief summary of what stuck out to me! So that is pretty much it! Love you and i will send you pictures!!!! Also we went to McDonalds today and we heard Blank Space and Wildest Dreams and Elder Goldsberry was so shocked about Wildest Dreams. He left on the mission when Taylor Swift was pure. He loves Taylor Swift as well. But I guess everyone does ha ha! 
But I have to go!  Love you!!! I will write you next week and try to take more pictures. They don´t really let us take our cameras around in San Luis but I will try to take it with me!!! Tell me how football goes! You can use my players for good trades for your team if you want! Love you! 
The "Harry Potter Forbidden Forest"

Turtle-The master of disguise

Volcano in his area
1/2 of the mission with Pres. Goodman-Bryson is on the front row all the way to the right