Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Week #54-Dog Whisperer

Hello mom! Hey that was a nice blouse you  had on in the picture with Titan. Also we had a fun week i guess ha ha! It was interesting and not much has happened and also I lent my cable for my camera to my companion so I can´t send pictures this week but it doesn´t matter because we only have 30 minutes to write now.... New rule ha ha!
    Anyways I went on inter changes with Elder Goldsberry´s companion Elder Herrera which was cool. So there is this dog named Oso that always visits with us and he is literally the best dog ever. We just pass by his house and he just follows us. So he was following us and out of no where and a huge gang of dogs started running after Oso to try to gang bang him!!! But Oso jumped into a ditch and the whole gang of dogs left. Then Oso stuck his head out of the ditch and started looking for us and he saw us. So he got out of the ditch and started running after us ha ha! Anyway, one of the gangster dogs saw him and started chasing him!!! So as soon as Oso got to us the other dog was about to bite him so I hit the dog with my umbrella and you will never believe what happened next.... The hood rat dog got scared out of his mind and left into the street!!! And two seconds later.... a old yellow pick up truck hit that dog going like 50 down the highway and totally killed the dog on the spot!!!! Everyone thought that I was the worst. Everyone started calling me a ´´mata perros´´ which means a dog killer. It was kind of funny but sad and traumatizing.
     We do a lot of service in San Luis because everyone is really poor. So we went to this river called Samal√° to find wood because sometimes there is drift wood that washes up on the shore and we have to chop it and then they use that to cook their food. So we went to the river to find drift wood and I was walking along the sand and all of a sudden I fell into like a black hole!!! It was literally quick sand and i was up to my knees in it!! then my companion fell in  too!!! What bad luck ha ha! I thought I was going to die but I got out.
    So Josh told me that Donald Trump is going yams on everyone which got me thinking.... ´´is it easier to convert Guatemalans to the Gospel or to Donald Trump?´´ So I have been telling everyone that Donald Trump is the best ever and he will be a great president and they all agreed with me. that just goes to show you that teaching the gospel is really hard.
      Something spiritual. We were contacting and we talked to a guy. We taught him The Book of Mormon and he did not want anything to do with it. I asked  him to read a little bit of 2 Nephi 31 and he did and then he decided that he would read The Book of Mormon. He said that he saw something that caught his attention. Pretty cool. I hope he gets baptized. He has a Mormon brother in the US. But really The Book of Mormon is incredible. I finished it this week and it is the greatest thing of all time.
     We put a baptisimal date with Hermana Pilar for the 17th and she accepted.
       Love you!!!!! Tell Garet to suck it for the whole Tony Romo breaking  his spleen.
Osa, the dog, that follows them everyday-Bryson was trying to protect him

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