Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week #53-Deep Thinking

I finally have a year in the mission and it made me reflect a little bit on myself. And this is what I came up with. BEST CHARACTERS FROM ANY TV SHOW OR MOVIE: 1st Place Patrick Star (if anybody thinks otherwise, they should not have a temple recommend) 2nd place Krunk from The Emperors New Grove (´´Do you feel the power Krunk? Oh...... I feel it´´) 3rd Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec (I´m sure there are no arguments there) Honorable mention: Beans from Even Stevens, Crazy Steve from Drake and Josh, Dwight Shrute from The Office. Last Place: Tiny Tim from A Christmas Story (he should have died ´´and decrease the surplus population!!´´)
     The good news is we baptized Keila and Wendy and we got the most incredible pictures of all time. The bad news is that I think my camera got a virus and now I can not send them. But it was a great baptism. The first convert baptisms in San Luis this year!!! Awesome! But they are such great little girls I am so glad that they got baptized. Also we are following up with their family as well!!! One day all of them will be baptized!!!
     I forgot to tell you that my companion´s first day in the mission field we got to visit my first area for like 2 hours and I found out that my first baptism, Gilberto got the Priesthood and is working to go to the temple to be sealed with his wife!!!!! Awesome. Also Silvia got baptized in Alameda! she is the old lady that I taught for a long time and she wanted me to baptize her but the Lord had other plans ha ha! But that is cool! 
      There is a fair in my area this week which is awesome. It means that everyone gets drunk in honor of a Catholic Saint. A guy drove a bus into a ditch and we passed by on our way to an appointment and everyone asked us to help them get it out. All of the drunk people were trying to lift the bus out of the ditch. I thought they were all idiots. But they asked us to help them and my companion and I started to lift on the bus! And we freaking pulled the bus out of the  ditch. That was a miracle. We lifted a freaking bus. Two Mormons and like 30 drunk guys.
I have the Steelers schedule and I am so excited for this season, but who is on my fantasy team?
      Tell Titan happy birthday for me! I love that kid! I opened the halftime package that you sent me and it was so dope and the picture of SpongeBob that Titan drew was priceless!!!!
      Love you guys! Tell Titan I tell him Feliz CumpleaƱos. Or maybe not because he won´t understand. But you can tell him I say happy Birthday.  I have to go but I love you!!! give all of my love to Titan! I miss him!!!! But I will talk to you next week!!!
I asked Bryson if he burned a shirt for his one year mark and this was his reply:  "Burning shirts is like burning money! If I waste a shirt I am going to give it to a young kid in the church who  doesn´t have a white shirt to pass the sacrament ha ha!"   He is actually learning some valuable lessons on his mission, haha!!


Dog that leaves with them to go teach everyday

Fair going on in his area-look to the bottom left of the pic, you'll see a drunk guy throwing up in the well, haha!

Keila and Wendy baptism

Bryson was so excited that the dress fit her perfectly

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