Monday, August 15, 2016

Week #52!!!! When in doubt, pinkies out!

That is a Spongebob quote. I love that show and it turns out Elder Goldsberry (District leader) loves it too. I started a new thing and every night I send  him a quote from spongebob before I go to bed! But yeah it was an awesome week like seriously the Lord blessed us a ton.
     We we had a chingo of meetings this week. We literally were in meetings like half of the week. And we literally pretty much read the Handbook the whole time. We know the Handbook it is just the mission culture just made it so nobody followed it ha ha! But yeah the President is going Yams on everyone! 
     We had lunch with President Goodman in his house with his wife which was fun! All of the new missionaries and their trainers! It was a good time! Also my package that you sent with Jos√© was there waiting for me which was dope! But it was aweosme! I want to open it!
     I will not lie. I hate that we can´t wear regular clothes anymore on P Days so I am wearing my white Taylor Swift shirt that you sent me under my church shirt ha ha! It makes me feel a little better. Also I wear my cool pinnapple, palm tree socks on mondays. I love my socks by the way. 
     Well last monday this family that lives in front of us had a little party for me so that was cool. Also oh my goodness! We are teaching these little girls that have the poorest family of all time. They live in a dangerous area but we had an appointment with them last monday at night and really we shouldn´t go to that area at night but I forgot that we couldn´t go there but we prayed about it and we went! they freaking bought me presents and I literally cried when I saw what was inside. They gave me two pairs of underwear some socks and a little towel! It was like the weirdest stuff of all time but I know it was a really big sacrafice for them so it made me feel so bad! And Tuesday my zone leaders bought me a cake so it was the best brithday of all time even though I couldn´t show off my Taylor Swift shirts.
     Anyways those girls that gave me the presents accepted to be baptized this Saturday! do you know how crazy that it? We are opening an area and the first people that we found are getting baptized two weeks later. That is a miracle! My companion is awesome and helped me a lot it was seriously insane. We got permission to baptize them and we are going to do it this Saturday the 20th! 
      anyways awesome week! We played mini golf today. I had an ingrown toenail so I could wear my Jesus Sandals ha ha! When you have an ingrown toenail you just wear open toed shoes so I thought it was a good idea.  Also football season is literally going to start! That is awesome! Tell me all about it because I can´t go to McDonald´s anymore to catch a glimpse of the highlights ha ha!  I got my "halftime" package and I told Shalese that I opened it  because I couldn´t control myself, but I did it and then I shut it but I only saw the picture of Antonio and le´veon! I am so pumped for football season! I will drink pure pepsi now. 
     Sorry about your leg! I hope you can walk again! Get a blessing for hecks sakes I testify of preisthood blessings. My comp already has parasites ha ha! sick kid.
    Love you have a great week! Write me! 
Non member family who bought him birthday presents!

Mini Golf for Pday

Rockin the T Swift T-shirt, haha! (under his mission clothes of course)

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